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Paige Spiranac broke down in tears on live TV as she was being ‘blackmailed over stolen private property’

, Paige Spiranac broke down in tears on live TV as she was being ‘blackmailed over stolen private property’

PAIGE SPIRANAC hit back at cruel social media trolls who mocked her for “crying all over TV” during her playing days.

The 29-year-old pro golfer turned social media star was quizzed by reporters on dealing with cyber bullies back in 2016.

Spiranac broke down in tears during a press conference in 2016

A fan has brought the incident back up, with Spiranac hitting back

, Paige Spiranac broke down in tears on live TV as she was being ‘blackmailed over stolen private property’Spiranac is a former professional golfer turned social media star

Still playing professionally at the time, Spiranac said: “When you see the comments that people say, they’re extremely cruel.

“They attack not only me, but my parents, my family, my friends and they say I’m a disgrace to golf, and no one sees that.

“And I still get those comments and I still deal with it every day,” with Spiranac then breaking down in tears.

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She has since been targeted on Twitter for the incident, which happened over five years ago.

A vile message said: “Don’t be mean to her. She will cry all over the tv about how people only talk about her boobs, while getting a playing exemption.”

Spiranac bravely hit back and revealed that at the time she was dealing with being “blackmailed over stolen private property”, while also receiving abuse online.

She responded: “Or maybe I cried because two minutes before I stepped on stage for the press conference I was being blackmailed over stolen private property and people were threatening my life.”

Meanwhile another troll criticised her for the way she dressed.

Again Spiranac responded, this time saying: “I like boobs. Specifically my boobs.”

She has since been named the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by Maxim magazine.

Paige took to the red carpet in just a bra and see-through leggings at a party to celebrate the award.

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, Paige Spiranac broke down in tears on live TV as she was being ‘blackmailed over stolen private property’Spiranac is often targeted by cruel trolls on social media

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional golfer make a living?

Yes, it is possible to make some money as a pro golfer. It takes dedication and hard work. There are professionals who make millions of dollar each year.

What makes pros playing better?

Watching pro players play makes you better at video games. By watching how professional players play, you can improve your game. You can also learn from their mistakes. It is also a great way to get inspired by professional gamers and learn how you can improve your game.

Do I really need a golf course membership to play golf?

You don’t have to be a member of the golf course. However, you will be able to use all the facilities, including driving ranges, putting areas, and locker rooms.

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How can you improve your golf game in a matter of hours?

It is possible to improve your golf game in a matter of hours by practicing for 20 minutes each day, three times per week. Consistent practice is key to playing well at tournaments. Practice makes perfect!

How can I lower my score on golf by five strokes?

You must first improve your swing mechanics. You probably know how to hold the club correctly, but if you don’t feel comfortable swinging the club properly, you won’t get the proper feedback from your body. Once you’ve learned how to hold the club correctly, you can focus on strengthening your flexibility and strength. Start off slowly, working up to longer distances. As you work towards better scores, you’ll notice that your game will become more consistent.

Does watching golf improve your game?

It does indeed improve my game.

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One of the most loved sports in the world is golf. The sport of golf involves hitting a ball to a target from various distances with sticks and clubs. It’s an excellent way to have fun and spend time outdoors. There are many benefits to golf. These are just a few of the many benefits that golf can bring to your life.

  • Golf helps you get fit
  • Playing golf makes you feel good
  • You don’t have to think too much while playing
  • Golf is a game that teaches patience
  • Golf is an inspiration.
  • Golf is fun
  • It is very easy to learn how to play golf
  • Golf is less expensive than any other sport
  • Golf is a wonderful stress reliever
  • Golf is social.


  • This means as much as 50% of your practice time. (
  • The blade aim at impact controls 92% of the ball’s start line, so prioritise face aim as a place to start (
  • Stats reveal 96% of golfers play right-handed. (
  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (
  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (

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How to Improve Your Golf Swing

How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The key to improving your golf swing is to practice. Practice makes perfect! Practice every day to improve your golf swing. Continuous effort is required to make improvement. It is important to practice at least five times per semaine. It’s important to do this consistently so that you get results.

You should start out slow when learning how to play golf. You can start by learning how to play short shots. Then, you can move on to more difficult shots. This will help build endurance and strength. You will struggle to hit the ball straight when you start playing golf. If you persevere, you’ll eventually master the art of golf swing.

Practice swinging from different stances and positions. The ball can be hit while you are standing still. Next, move forward and back. Next, try walking backwards to hit the ball. Try running while you hit the ball. Each swing requires a unique stance and position. These exercises will help determine which position and stance is best for you. Once you have a good idea of which stance and what position is best for you, you can apply them in actual games.

Keep track your progress. Keeping track of your progress helps you see where you need improvement. Note everything that you have done. Keep track the amount of practice sessions you take and your score. This information will allow you to see if your progress is being made.

Take lessons from a professional instructor if you have trouble with your swing. A qualified instructor will show you the proper technique and offer tips to help improve your game. They can help choose the right equipment for you. Your chances of success are greatly increased if you have someone who is knowledgeable about the subject.

Golf is today’s most favorite sport. Millions of people take part in the sport each year. There are many things that you can do to improve your game of golf. Some of these tips include practicing your swing, learning how to read greens, and improving your short game.

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