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Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’

PAIGE SPIRANAC has broken her silence on the shock merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

The golf influencer normally spends her time setting pulses racing in her raunchy outfits while also handing out some tips and tricks on how to play the game.

Paige Spiranac responded to the shock news of the PGA-LIV merger

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
She urged fans to remain calm amidst the storm

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
And backed Rory McIlroy’s comments that the move could be good for the sport

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
However, fans were left distracted by her outfit

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
Paige had 3.7million followers on Instagram

However, following the merger which will see Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund join with the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, Paige took to her Twitter page to call for calm amidst the storm.

Paige, who donned a low cut red top, started out by getting viewers to take a deep breath in and out before starting with her analysis of the situation.

She said: “Here’s what we know: Nothing. I don’t know anything, you don’t know anything, golf media know’s nothing don’t trust these ‘sources’.

“Players were shocked by this news and still seem to know nothing.

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“There are a handful of people who do know what’s going on and they don’t even have a name for this yet.

“There’s even a risk that the US and European regulators could block the merger under antitrust concerns.”

Paige then revealed her next step, continuing: “You know what i’m going to do? I’m going to sit back and watch all this play out.

“But here’s some positives. Just like what Rory [McIlroy] said in his press conference, ultimately this is going to be great for the game of golf and especially for us as fans.


, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
She often dons raunchy outfits

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
While another fan told her she ‘looked good in red’

“We’re going to see the best players in the world competing against each other and hopefully in some new team formats.”

Paige then suggested the guys be able to wear shorts going forward.

Despite her input, some fans were slightly distracted by her outfit.

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One fan commented: “Could you repeat that…I am sorry …..I was distracted…..
, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’.”

A second said: “After watching this video I ask everyone l… what colour shirt was Paige wearing.”

A third wrote: “Red looks great on you.”

One of those who did pay attention, replied: “Respectfully disagree. This merger taints the sport. Imagine if the NFL merged with a football league sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party.”

A second said: “This whole development is interesting. I think it will be good for golf on the back side but in the interim, there will be some drama and pain points for sure.

“From the fan point-of-view, bottom-line you want to see the best players competing against each other.”

A third added: “Very insightful speech.”

Paige has 3.7million followers on Instagram and 883,000 on Twitter.

Things had got heated between players following the news of the merger, with Rory McIlroy reportedly being told to “f*** off” by a fellow golfer.

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On the merger itself, McIlroy backed the move to be good for the sport as a whole, but admitted he still had mixed emotions considering the wider context.

He told reporters: “I think, ultimately, when I try to remove myself from the situation and look at the bigger picture and 10 years down the line, I think this is going to be good for the game of professional golf.

“It unifies it and it secures its financial future. There’s mixed emotions in there as well, as there is going to be.

“I don’t understand all of the intricacies of what is going on. There’s a lot of ambiguity and a lot of things still to be thrashed out.

“At least it means that the litigation goes away, which has been a massive burden for everyone involved with the tour and playing on the tour.

“We can start to work towards some sort of way of unifying the game at the elite level.”

, Paige Spiranac responds to LIV merger with PGA but fans too distracted and ask ‘one more deep breath’
McIlroy was cautiously optimistic over the merger

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Practicing is essential to improving your game. If you don’t have the resources or time to drill regularly, you can still improve. You must remember to always put your best foot forward and practice what it is you are trying to do. This means if you wish to play faster, then you should focus on playing fast. Likewise, if you desire to hit the shot further, then you should concentrate on striking the target far.

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Do I really need a golf course membership to play golf?

A membership to the golf course is not required. However, you will be able to use all the facilities, including driving ranges, putting areas, and locker rooms.

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The first thing you must do is to improve your swing mechanics. You probably know how to hold the club correctly, but if you don’t feel comfortable swinging the club properly, you won’t get the proper feedback from your body. Once you’ve mastered this step, you’ll want to focus on improving your strength and flexibility. Start off slowly, working up to longer distances. As you improve your scores, you will notice a more consistent game.

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Absolutely! There are many ways to earn extra income as a professional golfer. You can offer lessons, sell merchandise or host tournaments.

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Which shot is the most important in golf?

The most important shot a golfer can make is the putt. You must have great skill to hit the ball accurately, or you could lose the hole.

How can I make golf a good sport?

Golf isn’t bad for you. Golf is actually quite healthy. Golfers have a longer life expectancy than non-golfers, according to studies. They also tend to be less stressed out, which means they’re happier people.

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  2. Practice makes perfect. This is obvious, but practicing is the best way to improve your game. Practice is important, no matter if you play alone or with your friends. You should also keep track of how you progress once you start practicing. Note everything that you do in order to track your progress.
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