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Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell

, Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell

GOLF influencer Paige Spiranac has revealed her three best and WORST moments, including her stalker and blackmail hell.

The 29-year-old has amassed millions of followers on socaial media after wowing fans with revealing photos.

Spiranac has listed the pros of the influencer lifestyle

Paige Spiranac has also spoken about her least favourite aspects of being famous

, Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell
Spiranac revealed that men tried to film her while at a friend’s wedding.

According to GolfMagic, she has overtaken golf legends including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy to take the top spot as most followed golfer.

Spiranac says the influencer lifestyle has lots of pros… but also a lot of cons.

The blonde bombshell says the best part of her platform is being able to connect with fans.

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Spiranac told Betsperts: “The best part of my job is being able to connect with so many people around the world.

“I’ve had some amazing interactions with my followers who share stories about how I helped them with their mental health or parents talking about how I got their daughters into golf.

“I played this event in Tahoe which was male-dominated. I was 1 of only 4 women playing.

“There were these two little girls out on the course who I ended up taking a picture with.

“The next day their grandfather was my walking scorer and said the little girls are dying to play golf now because of that moment. It meant a lot.”


Working with big brands is also important to Spiranac, who gets to “play around with their products”.

She continued: “I’m so lucky I get to work with so many cool companies and I get to play around with their products.

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“I really value this aspect of my job, especially as someone who struggled financially at times growing up and not having clubs and golf accessories accessible to me.

“I don’t take it for granted and it’s also made me a better influencer. I only promote products I absolutely love and stand by because I know people save up to buy new clubs or golf accessories so I want only to give them the best options out there.”

Spiranac also gets to travel the world, something not many get to do.

She added: “Travel is a luxury that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do often for work.

“I get to always see new places and meet new people.”

WORST parts of influencer lifestyle

Travelling also happens to be the worst for Spiranac.

The golf beauty described it as “draining”, spending large amounts of time on a plane.

She said: “Travelling. It’s the best and also one of the worst. Travelling is draining and this year I’ve spent so much time on the plane. It’s hard living out of a suitcase and never feeling settled.”

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With her good looks and enticing pictures come crazed fans.

Spiranac has had to deal with stalkers and blackmailers, as well as a barrage of haters, who claim she over-sexualises herself.

On the hate, Spiranac said: “The hate. I’m a public figure which means anyone can comment on every aspect of my life, my opinions, my content, and my body.

“I’ve developed some thick skin and spent so much money on therapy to help me cope. I’m used to it now but there are times that it’s pretty intense where it will still get to me.”

Stalkers left Spiranac not wanting to leave her home and it made her feel uncomfortable when out and about in public.

She said: “Stalkers, blackmail, lack of privacy. I went through a stretch this year where I was afraid to leave my house and was quite uncomfortable going in public.

“I didn’t feel like I could live a normal life anymore. I went to a wedding after a stressful work trip and wanted to let loose. I was pounding some shots and having a great time until I noticed 4 guys videotaping me and taking pictures.

“I just wanted to disconnect from my work life but I wasn’t able to do that. Not only am I not able to disconnect but I’m looking over my shoulder every two seconds because we’ve had some scary security issues.

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“I’ve had to beef up my team big time and I feel better but it’s something I never thought I’d have to deal with.”

, Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell
The golfer has 3.7million followers on Instagram

, Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell
The influencer pushes Instagram to the limit

, Paige Spiranac reveals her three best and worst moments as stunning golf influencer including stalker hell
She earns more per Instagram post than Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

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Which is the most important shot of golf?

The putt is the most important shot for any golfer. You can lose the hole and possibly the game because it takes so much skill.

What is the average score of a weekend golfer on the golf course?

A beginner’s average golf score is 100. As you get better at golf, your scores improve. You’ll most likely begin with 9 holes and progress to 18 holes.

Is it possible to earn money as a professional golfer?

Yes, it is possible for a professional golfer to make money. However, it requires hard work and dedication. Pros can make millions each year.

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How can I improve my playing ability in just a few hours?

Practice 20 minutes per session, three times per week, to improve your ability to play golf. Consistent practice is key to playing well at tournaments. Practice makes perfect!

How do I lower my handicap by 5 strokes on the golf course?

Your swing mechanics must be improved. While you might be proficient at holding the club correctly, your body will not feel the same way. Once you’ve mastered the step, you should work to improve your strength as well as flexibility. Begin slowly and gradually increase your distances. You’ll find your game becomes more consistent as you strive for higher scores.

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Is watching golf a way to improve your game?

Yes, it improves my game!

Golf is a very popular sport. Golf involves hitting the ball at a target with different distances using clubs, sticks, and other tools. It’s a great sport to enjoy relaxing and spending quality time outdoors. You may not know, but there are many advantages to playing golf. Here are just a few:

  • Golf helps you get fit
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  • Playing doesn’t require you to think about too many things
  • Golf is a game that teaches patience
  • Golf is an inspiration.
  • Golf is great fun
  • It’s easy to learn golf
  • Golf is less expensive than other sports
  • Golf is an excellent stress-relieving activity
  • Golf is social.


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Five simple exercises to improve your game of golf

Golf is a very popular sport. To become a skilled golfer, it takes a lot practice. Practice is the best way to improve your game. At least 2 hours should be spent playing golf each week. You may not always have enough time to play the game of golf. These five easy exercises will help improve your golf swing if this is you.

  1. Start from ground up: Stand straight, keep you back straight, hold your golf club straight, bend your knees slightly, then swing the club. Concentrate on your target. This helps to position you before hitting the ball.
  2. Maintain your balance – You need to stand straight, keep your feet apart, and make sure your weight is evenly distributed. Your weight should shift in the direction of the front leg as you hit onto the ball.
  3. Bend your knees. To bend your knees, place the hands of your hips on the floor. Next, exhale and take a deep inhale. Then bend your knees while you breathe. This will allow your lower back to follow you as you swing the golf club.
  4. Relax your shoulders. Instead, allow them to move as you swing the club. This will enable you to generate power and speed without having to use excessive force.
  5. Your target is what you should be focusing on – Instead of looking down at it, fix your sights on the ball. Focus on the target and look straight ahead. Keep in mind that you can’t see the problem if you look at the ball.



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