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Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs

, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs

PAIGE SPIRANAC has revealed that TV producers think she is too “risque” to give punditry jobs to.

The golf influencer has built up an enormous following on social media.

Paige Spiranac has an enormous social media following

The 30-year-old doesn’t expect to get TV gigs

, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs
Spiranac believes that TV bosses find her ‘too risque’ to give jobs to

Despite her popularity, don’t expect to see her on telly screens covering big events any time soon.

Asked in her latest Instagram Q&A whether she will get into TV commentary or punditry, she replied: “It is not like something I am just going to get into and do it.

“They need to want you and traditional media is scared of me and don’t want to work with me because from what I have been told ‘I am unpredictable’.

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“Probably because of the content I create and they are worried as I don’t have a filter but I am a pro.

“I know what to say and when I need to say it and I’m not going to be making boob jokes on network television.

“But they are scared as I am apparently too risque.”

During the Q&A, Spiranac was once again asked if her boobs are real.

She replied: “It is not a Q&A without this question, the tradition is alive. You already know, they are as real as they come.”

, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs
Spiranac has 3.7million Instagram followers

, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs
Fans love Spiranac’s golf tutorials

When previously asked a similar question, the 30-year-old said: “Hi new followers. My name is Paige and here’s some facts about me. I’m a scratch golfer and hate slow play.

“I started a job in media after I couldn’t hack it as a pro golfer. They are real and spectacular.

“I own who I am and never afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Hope you enjoy following me and my great personality.”

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, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs
Spiranac regularly gets asked if her boobs are real

, Paige Spiranac reveals she has been snubbed from TV punditry jobs over fears she will talk about her boobs
She often says they are ‘real and spectacular’

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my score on golf?

These simple tips will make your golf game more enjoyable.

  1. Practice more and play less. Practice more to become better at your chosen skill. You can’t play enough to improve your skills.
  2. You should play when you feel good. There are days when you just don’t feel like playing. Don’t force you to do things that are not enjoyable. Instead, find ways to make golf enjoyable again.
  3. Take breaks. Golfers will often take breaks during a round to stretch, walk around and eat lunch. You can relax your body and stay focused while on the course by taking breaks.
  4. Drink water! It’s easy not to keep track of how many drinks were consumed while you are out on the course. You should drink enough water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your game will help keep you feeling refreshed and ready to hit those greens.
  5. Eat right. Eat healthy foods such fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and low-fat dairy products to give you energy, so you can perform well at the course.
  6. Keep hydrated. Water is the best thing to keep hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. This includes plain water and water made with beverages such as coffee.
  7. Warm up properly. Begin by warming up with a walk or jog for five minutes before you hit the first shot of a round. Focus on becoming loose and limber.
  8. Keep your head down. It’s important that you keep your eyes focused on the ball when you tee-off. Don’t look at the ball and pay attention to where it hits. Instead, focus your attention on the hole.
  9. Good form is essential for a good swing. Different people may interpret proper form in different ways. You should avoid hitting your target with your swing. Instead, aim for the ball to be in the middle of your club face.
  10. Focus on the process. Although there are many factors that influence a successful golf swing you should be able to focus on the process. You can relax your grip if your hands are slipping. If you have trouble maintaining balance, focus on your posture.

What is the average score of a weekend golfer on the golf course?

A beginner’s average golf score is 100. As you get better at golf, your scores improve. You’ll most likely begin with 9 holes and progress to 18 holes.

Is there a way to make money golfing?

Absolutely! Professional golfers have many income streams. You could offer lessons, sell merchandise, host tournaments, or even take part in celebrity events.

What can I do to improve my golf game?

It is vital to practice regularly if you want to improve your game. But, even if it is difficult to practice drills consistently, you can still improve. Simply remember that you must always work towards practicing what you intend to do. If you want to play faster, you need to focus on playing fast. The same goes for if your goal is to hit the target further.

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What is the average game of golf?

Average golfers shoot around 80-85 yards in tandem with their driver.

What makes pros playing better?

Watching pro players play makes you better at video games. Studying how others play can help improve your game and allow you to learn from their mistakes. Professional gamers can inspire you to be a better player.

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  • By adding 10 more yards to all their golf shots amateurs will increase the percentage of greens they hit by 8 – 10%. (
  • If you have 14 attempts and convert as little as 50% of them into Pars – you can double bogey the remaining 4 holes and still shoot 87 for your round. (
  • Or that, on the greens, some 84% of putts over five feet also finish short of the hole? (
  • However, if you go in thinking that you will get all the way down to a 10, you will likely stunt your progress because your expectations are way out of line. (
  • Stats reveal 96% of golfers play right-handed. (

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How To

How do I improve my putting abilities?

There are many ways to improve your puttering skills. First, get great instruction from someone who has experience. Check out our article on how to find instructors who are willing to teach you golf. Ask them if they offer private lessons once you have found someone you like. Look at their schedule carefully to make sure you don’t book lessons that conflict with one another.

One of these pro shops can help you rent clubs: Golf Galaxy, TaylorMade and Titleist.

Next, you need to start practicing after receiving instruction. You have two options. First, you could buy a set of putters and practice hitting balls into holes. This is great because you can use different types of putters (long irons, mid irons, wedges) depending on which type of shots you feel most comfortable with. It is important to practice enough to be proficient in putting without spending a lot on equipment.

Playing mini games online is another way to practice. You can compete with other players, or you can just practice your game. For example, there are several websites that let you play Putt-Putt, where you must hit a ball into a hole. TopGolf is another site, as well as StrokePlay or Wii Sports Club.

Once you’ve practiced enough, you can move onto the next phase of improving your putting game. You can then work on your technique. You’ll need to focus on three areas of your putting stroke, namely your grip, stance, and alignment.

Stance is how far back you are when you face the ball. The most common mistake beginner’s make is to be too close. You should keep your body away form the ball as you approach it. Your feet should be at shoulder width and slightly bent.

Your hands should be open and relaxed. Your hands shouldn’t be closed. Instead, you should place your hands on the top of your shoulders.

Your arms should be straight, but not locked down. Throughout the entire putting stroke, your arms should remain straight.

Alignment refers to how much your hips rotate as you swing through the shot. It is difficult to align your hips properly because most people rotate their hips excessively. When you address the shot, your knees will bend slightly. Your hips will turn toward target as you swing through shot.

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Grip refers simply to the way your fingers position themselves on the clubface. Many people have difficulty grasping the club properly. Your index finger should be on the lower edge of your face when you are addressing the putt. Your middle finger should be on the top edge. Your ring finger should sit on the shaft. While your pinky finger should remain above the handle’s line, it should be placed on either side.

A new putter might be something you should consider. While it’s true that all putters aren’t created equal, if you’re having problems with your current putter, you might find that a new model helps improve your game.



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