Paige Spiranac reveals she was put on golf course ‘watch list’ over explosive anger after breaking club

PAIGE SPIRANAC has revealed she was put on a “watch list” after breaking a golf club in anger – with a professional player assigned to follow her round the course to check her behaviour.

The Instagram star admits she has a swing-and-hiss side to her character – throwing clubs and “looking psychotic” when practice goes wrong.

Instagram hit Paige claims she has ‘no middle ground’ on a golf course – she’s either very calm or very frustrated
Former golf pro Paige Spiranac has confessed she has had anger issues in golf practice since she was a kid

Seeing red is a common occurrence for ex-pro Paige in golf practice

The American is better known for glamour snaps than snapping clubs.

So her 2million social media followers might be shocked to hear she doesn’t always believe in green peace.

But ex-golf pro Paige, 28, told her podcast Playing A Round: “I definitely have anger issues.

“I get worked up so fast. I’m like zero or 100. There is no middle ground for me.

“So i can be so cool, calm and collected for such a long time and then I absolutely just lose it. I’ve never done it in competition.

“I, in junior golf, was kind of on the watch list.

“I would have one of the professionals following me to make sure there were no outbursts or throwing of my clubs. 

“They were, like, ‘if you do that again you are going to get kicked off’.

“So I really had to watch it, and also my parents really didn’t like it when I’d got angry. 

“They said it was just unbecoming, and said that if I ever showed that kind of emotion again then I probably shouldn’t be playing.”

Arizona-based Paige says she goes ‘mad and cries’ when she loses her cool
Paige admits the frustrations of golf can get the better of her

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