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Paige Spiranac Reveals Why She Doesn’t Mind Questions About Her Breasts

Paige Spiranac, the American golf influencer with 3.9 million Instagram followers, has opened up about her attitude towards questions about her breasts. Despite facing relentless queries about whether they are real, Paige revealed that she actually enjoys talking about them, especially when fans find new angles to the discussion.

A New Twist on the "BIG" Question

In her latest Instagram Q&A session, Paige was asked if she minds all the questions about her breasts. Rather than being offended, the 30-year-old former pro player took the question in stride and replied with a cheeky response. "It's just how they look. They are real," she said. "And I can't do anything about it – so I might as well show them off, eh?"

Having Fun with Her Bust

Paige, who always insists her look is all natural, embraces the attention her breasts receive. She believes it's all part of her brand and has no problem making jokes about it. "I think they're funny and it's a big part of my brand," she explained. "If there is one thing about me, I'm self-aware – I understand. So I like to turn things that people might get offended about into jokes and have fun with it. So, no, I don't care one bit!"

A Clever Strategy

Paige, known for her daring outfits on the course, takes advantage of the attention she receives both online and offline. She believes it's clever to leverage the curiosity about her breasts for her own benefit. With her massive following, the social media star knows how to turn the spotlight into an opportunity.

A Fan-Favorite Golfer

In addition to her social media presence, Paige also has her own website and continues to be a popular figure in the golf world. Fans appreciate her sense of humor and her ability to handle questions about her appearance with grace and wit.