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Paige Spiranac shows off her curves in figure-hugging dress as stunned fans hail her as ‘spectacular’

PAIGE SPIRANAC stunned fans by posing in a pink dress while out on the course.

The former pro golfer, 29, was promoting a competition on social media in which two entrants can win the chance to play a round of golf against her at Augusta.

Paige Spiranac posed in a figure-hugging pink dress

She is giving two fans the chance to play a round of golf with her

And she accompanied details of the prize by adding a picture of her holding a club.

In the snap, she opted to wear a figure-hugging pink dress that her fans loved.

Reacting to the image, one person said: “You look spectacular

Another replied: “Absolutely stunning.”

Paige has built up a substantial following on social media

She has 3.7 million followers on Instagram

And a third responded: “Stunning outfit Paige, very glam

Earlier this month, Paige revealed how she almost took up a career in a completely different sport before landing on golf.

Answering fans’ questions on her podcast ‘Playing a Round’, she said: “I always wanted to be a professional athlete. It kills me, to this day, that I never made it.

“Especially because I was a competitive gymnast growing up and I was competing at a really high level, I wanted to go to the Olympics, but with gymnastics there’s an age restriction. 

“So you have to be 16 or turning 16 in the year of the Olympics and the first year I would have been eligible was 18 which is past your prime.

“I also fractured my knee cap twice and just didn’t have the right body build. I’m a bit taller but you have to be short and strong and… that’s not my body type.”

Paige added that the premature end to her gymnastics career led to some soul-searching.

She briefly got into tennis before concluding it was “not for me”.

But the model added: “I wish I stuck at it as I think I could have been a better tennis player than a golf player.

“But it was a little bit too familiar to gymnastics and I felt like I needed a change.”

She regularly shares pictures of herself online

Paige is one of the leading sports-related influencers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find watching golf helps improve your game.

Yes, it does improve my game!

One of the most popular and loved sports is golf. The game involves hitting a golf ball towards a target using different distances, with sticks or clubs. It is a great way for people to unwind and enjoy some time outside. Golf has many benefits. These are just a few of the many benefits that golf can bring to your life.

  • Golf helps you get fit
  • Playing golf makes you feel good
  • Playing does not require that you think too hard
  • Golf is a game that teaches patience
  • Inspiration can be found in watching golf
  • Golf is fun
  • Golf is easy to learn
  • Golf is cheaper than other sports
  • Golf is a great stress reliever
  • Golf is a social sport

Is golfing bad for me?

Golf is not a bad thing. It is very healthy. Studies show that golfers live longer and are healthier than non-golfers. Golfers also have a tendency to be happier because they are less stressed.

How can I improve my playing ability in just a few hours?

You can improve your game by practicing 20 minutes per day, three days a week. Consistent practice is key to playing well at tournaments. Practice makes perfect!

How can I lower my score on golf by five strokes?

You must first improve your swing mechanics. While you might be proficient at holding the club correctly, your body will not feel the same way. After mastering this step, you can work on your flexibility and strength. Begin slow and work your way up to faster distances. As you improve your scores, you will notice a more consistent game.

Can I improve my golf game without practicing?

It is vital to practice regularly if you want to improve your game. But, even if it is difficult to practice drills consistently, you can still improve. Remember to always practice what you want to do. Playing faster is the best way to improve your game. Likewise, if you desire to hit the shot further, then you should concentrate on striking the target far.

Is it possible to earn money as a professional golfer?

Yes, it is possible for a professional golfer to make money. But it takes hard work and dedication. Pros make millions every year.


  • However, if you go in thinking that you will get all the way down to a 10, you will likely stunt your progress because your expectations are way out of line. (
  • This means as much as 50% of your practice time. (
  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (
  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (
  • The blade aim at impact controls 92% of the ball’s start line, so prioritise face aim as a place to start (

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How To

How to Improve My Putting Skills?

There are many ways to improve your puttering skills. Get good instruction from someone who understands what you’re doing. Check out our article on how to find instructors who are willing to teach you golf. Once you’ve found someone that you like, make sure to ask if they offer private lessons. Make sure to examine their schedule so that you don’t accidentally book something that isn’t compatible with another lesson.

You can rent clubs from a pro shop if you are looking for a place to play golf.

You can then start practicing, after you have received instruction. You have two options. One option is to purchase a set putters and use them to practice hitting balls into holes. You can choose from different types of putters, such as long irons, mid irons and wedges, depending on the type of shot you are most comfortable with. You won’t get good at putting unless you invest a lot in equipment.

Playing mini games online is another way to practice. Some websites let you play against players from around the globe, while others allow you to just practice your short game. Putt-Putt is a game where you need to hit a ball in a hole. TopGolf and StrokePlay are just a few of the other sites.

Once you’ve practiced enough times, you can move to the next phase of improving you putting game. That would be working on your technique. This will require you to improve your technique in three areas: grip, alignment, and stance.

Stance is the distance you are from the ball when you approach it. An error beginners often make is to stand too close the ball. Your body should not be in direct contact with the ball when you are addressing it. Your feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart, slightly bent.

Your hands should remain open and relaxed. You shouldn’t clench your fists or hold anything else in front of your chest. Instead, place your hands on top of your shoulders.

Your arms should be straight but not locked down. They should stay loose throughout the entire putting stroke.

Alignment refers to how much your hips rotate as you swing through the shot. People tend to rotate their hips too often, which makes it difficult for them to align correctly. Your knees may bend slightly when you are aiming for the target. As you swing through this shot, your hips turn toward the target.

Grip refers to how you position your fingers on the clubface. Many people have difficulty grasping the club properly. Your index finger should be placed on the bottom edge, and your middle finger on the top. Your pinky finger should be above the handle line, and your ring finger should rest on the shaft.

You might also consider purchasing a new putter. While it’s true that all putters aren’t created equal, if you’re having problems with your current putter, you might find that a new model helps improve your game.