Paige Spiranac stuns in low-cut top as she wears green all week during Masters tournament at Augusta

PAIGE SPIRANAC promised to wear green all week as the Masters got going on Thursday.

And the former golf pro, turned podcaster, has been engrossed by goings on in Augusta.

Paige stunned fans on Instagram
Spiranac has her green jacket at the ready

She stunned fans on Instagram in a green top.

And Spiranac, 28, was already pumped for the event before it even started, posting on Wednesday: “I’m so excited we get to watch golf at Augusta all day long tomorrow.”

She then added: “The Masters is the best major I will never change my mind about that.”

While golf is her sport of choice, you are unlikely to ever find Paige dating a pro golfer.

She recently revealed on her Playing-A-Round podcast: “I am very anti-golf professionals.

“I think the golf pros are the worst people to date out of all of the sports – they are by far the worst. By far the worst.”

Spiranac has three million followers on Instagram

Spiranac is donning green this week


She then added: “Hockey players are my favourite, I would say.

“They’re the most fun and they’re also upfront about being douchebags and so that’s the best part.

“I think what I have a problem with the baseball players and the golfers is that they pretend to be these good old Christian boys and then they’re doing the same things that other athletes are doing.

“And I’m like ‘You can’t say that and pretend to be this person, and especially publicly be this person and then behind the scenes be worse than all of the other athletes out there.’

“You can’t do that! That’s my problem with professional golfers.

“I just feel like they have this complex of being like gods and they think that.”

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