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Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with new girlfriend after divorce & move to Texas

, Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with new girlfriend after divorce & move to Texas

PAIGE Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend just months after divorcing the golfing star, The U.S. Sun has learned.

The golfing beauty, 29, revealed she’d secretly split from her husband, personal trainer Steven Tinoco, back in June.

Paige Spiranac is now single after her recent divorce from her ex-husband

Steve Tinoco has now moved on with his new girlfriend Abbey Scott

In an Instagram Q&A post, Spiranac said: “I do get this question a lot so I do want to address it. I was married. I am no longer married.”

She reportedly got engaged to the former professional baseball player in 2016 before tying the knot two years later.

The U.S. Sun can now reveal Steve has relocated from Arizona since their divorce and is expecting a child with his new girlfriend, Abbey Scott, 30.

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Social media posts show the pair revealing their baby news on October 28 with a scan picture dressed in Halloween attire.

Abbey wrote: “no tricks, just a treat! our family is growing by two little feet!” adding that the little bundle is due to arrive in April.

Other photographs show the brunette cradling her bump as she revealed they are waiting to find out the child’s gender.

Back in October, Steve, 34, gushed about his new girl in a birthday post, sharing: “You shine a light everywhere you go.

“You’ve shown me what it feels like to smile and laugh from my core day in and day out.

“You show me what it means to be selfless and love beyond what is deserved, not just to me, but everyone else as well.

“I have a feeling this year, will be your best year yet and bring you all that you deserve and more.”

Property records seen by The U.S. Sun show Steve has also relocated from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Lewisville, Texas.

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The couple appears to be leasing a luxury unit in a five-story condo building with a swimming pool and gym.

Paige met Steven many years ago and he was supportive of her career goals but revealed very few details about their short marriage.

“I met him at the start of my career, so we have done this entire thing together,” she told the New York Post in June 2020.


She said at the time the couple lived a quiet, private life, and he encouraged her revealing social media posts.

“He is so understanding and knows this is a business for me,” she said. “He will say, ‘Hey, show a little more cleavage’.”

She has since only briefly spoken about the pair’s split, which is thought to have occurred many months ago.

Paige said during her podcast earlier this year: “I wasn’t married for very long, and I think that when I initially got divorced, I said I will never get married ever again.

“I think before, I kept my private life so private. I definitely want to do that again.”

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She also explained she has recently moved to Colorado, explaining: “I’m recently divorced, and um yeah, just kind of getting a fresh start, and I’m excited about it.

“I believe in love, and I don’t want to have one not-great experience ruin a great experience moving forward.


“So, I’d be much smarter about it this time and not rush the process, but really enjoy everything there is to like planning the wedding.”

Paige is believed to be single, and fans were rooting for her to get together with Tom Brady after his split from Gisele Bundchen.

Brady, 45, and the model finalized their divorce after 13 years of marriage last month.

A tweet from one of Spiranac’s followers read: “If I were Tom Brady, I’d call @PaigeSpiranac. 29 years old, incredibly hot, recently divorced, and a former professional athlete who would understand and support what he does for a living.

“And Brady loves to play golf. Now this would be a power couple.”

Others complimented Spiranac as a “super nice person”, to which the American responded saying: “You guys are so sweet, thank you!

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“It takes no effort to be nice so I always try to do my part to make someone’s day better.”


Talking about dating, she said she would not pair up with a pro golfer.

Speaking on her Playing-A-Round podcast last year, she told guest Amanda Rose: “I am very anti-golf professionals.

“I think the golf pros are the worst people to date out of all of the sports – they are by far the worst! By far the worst.”

She then revealed: “Hockey players are my favorite, I would say.

“They’re the most fun and they’re also upfront about being douchebags and so that’s the best part.

“I think what I have a problem with the baseball players and the golfers is that they pretend to be these good old Christian boys and then they’re doing the same things that other athletes are doing.”

Spiranac is undoubtedly eye-catching, and often stuns fans on her social media platforms with racy pics.

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And according to GolfMagic, she has overtaken golf legends including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy to take the top spot as the most followed golfer.

, Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with new girlfriend after divorce & move to Texas
Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby now, believed to be his first

, Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with new girlfriend after divorce & move to Texas
The 29-year-old has since moved to Colorado for a fresh start

, Paige Spiranac’s ex-husband is expecting a baby with new girlfriend after divorce & move to Texas
Paige and Steven attend the 2017 Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational gala in Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the average golfer shoot?

The average golfer shoots around 80-85 yards with their driver.

What is the average score of a weekend golfer on the golf course?

A beginner’s average golf score is 100. As you get better at golf, your scores improve. You’ll likely begin by playing 9 holes, then progress to 18 holes.

Is watching golf a way to improve your game?

It does indeed improve my game.

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One of the most loved sports in the world is golf. Golf involves hitting the ball at a target with different distances using clubs, sticks, and other tools. It’s a great sport to enjoy relaxing and spending quality time outdoors. You may not know, but there are many advantages to playing golf. Here are just a few:

  • Golf helps you get fit
  • Playing golf makes you feel good
  • Playing does not require that you think too hard
  • You learn patience by playing golf
  • Golf is an inspiration.
  • Golf is a lot of fun
  • It is very easy to learn how to play golf
  • Golf is more expensive than other sporting activities
  • Golf is a stress reliever
  • Golf is a social activity

How can my golf score be reduced by five strokes

You must first improve your swing mechanics. Although you may be able to hold the club properly, if your body isn’t comfortable with the swing, it won’t give you the right feedback. After mastering this step, you can work on your flexibility and strength. Start off slowly, working up to longer distances. As you work towards better scores, you’ll notice that your game will become more consistent.

Which is the most important shot of golf?

The most important shot for a golfer is the putt. It takes so much skill and precision to hit the ball correctly, that you are likely to lose the hole (and the game).

How can I improve my score on golf?

These simple tips can make it easy to improve your golf game.

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  1. Play less and practice more. To improve at something, you need to practice more. Playing too much means you’re practicing bad habits.
  2. Play when you feel good. There will be times when you don’t feel like going out on the course. Don’t force yourself into doing things you don’t enjoy. Instead, look for ways to make golf more enjoyable.
  3. Take breaks. Golfers often take breaks during their round to stretch, walk around, eat lunch, etc. You can relax your body and stay focused while on the course by taking breaks.
  4. Drink water! It’s easy for you to lose count of how many beverages you’ve consumed while on the golf course. Drink enough water to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. It will keep you feeling hydrated before, during, & after your game.
  5. Make sure you eat right. Eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low fat dairy products will give you energy and allow you to perform well on the course.
  6. Keep hydrated. Water is your best friend. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of fluids per day. This includes plain water as well as water made from coffee or other beverages.
  7. You should warm up properly. Begin your round by walking or running for five to ten minutes. Then, you should be able to move freely and feel limber.
  8. Keep your head down. It is important to look straight ahead when you tee up. Don’t look at the ball and pay attention to where it hits. Instead, keep your eyes on the hole.
  9. Swing with proper form. Proper form could mean different things for different people. However, it is important to not swing through the target. Instead, strike the ball towards the center of the club.
  10. You should be focused on the process. You can improve your golf swing by focusing on the process. For example, if you have trouble keeping your hands still, then focus on relaxing your grip. Or, if you struggle to maintain balance, then focus on maintaining good posture.


  • Stats reveal 96% of golfers play right-handed. (
  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (
  • If you have 14 attempts and convert as little as 50% of them into Pars – you can double bogey the remaining 4 holes and still shoot 87 for your round. (
  • Or that, on the greens, some 84% of putts over five feet also finish short of the hole? (
  • The blade aim at impact controls 92% of the ball’s start line, so prioritise face aim as a place to start (

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What are the best golf clubs that I can carry in my bag for playing?

When you’re looking for the best golf clubs, it is important to know what kind of golfer you are. The higher end models are best suited for those who play golf every week or every weekend. You might be able to afford a set of mid-range clubs if you go out only occasionally. It really all depends on what you’re willing to spend and how frequently you plan to play.

If you’re going to be hitting a lot of balls off the tee then you’ll definitely want to invest in some good quality woods. These woods are extremely popular due to their accuracy and range. These types of clubs are often made out of titanium or stainless steel which makes them very sturdy. Make sure you have the correct head size when you buy any type wood club. A smaller head will result in less forgiveness. However, a larger head can help you hit longer shots.

You’ll also want a good putter. This is something that you’ll use quite frequently during practice sessions and tournaments. These are the two main options. A blade style putter is one option, while a mallet type putter is another. Blade-style putters are simpler to learn. They allow you feel the ball move towards your face, before you strike it. Mallet style putters are more forgiving and they require a little bit more skill to master.

A few styles are best for irons. There are many options for iron sets. Some prefer to own a full set of Irons while others are more comfortable with just their fairway Woods and Hybrids. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you try out several different brands before making a final decision.

You want a wedge that matches your swing. An example: If you’re left handed, an offset wedge will work best. But if it’s right handed, a straight through wedge would be better.

When selecting a driver, you’ll first want to determine whether you’re a pull hitter or a fade hitter. Drivers that are heavier than average are preferred by pull hitters. They are more able generate torque and power behind it. They prefer lighter drivers. They are more agile and produce more spin.

A variety of clubs is always a good thing. You never know when you might need to change things up or purchase new equipment. A large selection of clubs can ensure you have the right equipment for your needs.

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