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PGA Tour and LIV Golf agree to MERGE 12 months after bitter split which saw world’s best stars leave in huge deals

, PGA Tour and LIV Golf agree to MERGE 12 months after bitter split which saw world’s best stars leave in huge deals

THE PGA Tour and LIV Golf have agreed to merge together after a year of bitter feuding.

The shock announcement comes after heavy disruption in the men’s professional game following the launch of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit.

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf have agreed to merge together

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said: “After two years of disruption and distraction, this is a historic day for the game we all know and love.

“This transformational partnership recognises the immeasurable strength of the PGA Tour’s history, legacy and pro-competitive model and combines with it the DP World Tour and LIV – including the team golf concept – to create an organisation that will benefit golf’s players, commercial and charitable partners and fans.”

LIV Golf prised over the likes of Cameron Smith, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson with mega-money playing fees on offer.

But Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were among those to pledge their loyalty to the PGA.

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PIF Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan added: “Today is a very exciting day for this special game and the people it touches around the world.

“We are proud to partner with the PGA TOUR to leverage PIF’s unparalleled success and track record of unlocking value and bringing innovation and global best practices to business and sectors worldwide.

“We are committed to unifying, promoting and growing the game of golf around the world and offering the highest-quality product to the many millions of long-time fans globally, while cultivating new fans.

“There is no question that the LIV model has been positively transformative for golf. We believe there are opportunities for the game to evolve while also maintaining its storied history and tradition.

“This partnership represents the best opportunity to extend and increase the impact of golf for all.

“We look forward to collaborating with Jay and Keith to bring the best version of the game to communities around the world.”

Mickelson tweeted: “Awesome day today.”

According to golf writer Dan Rapaport, the PGA Tour did communicate the news to players – who found out online.

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And Collin Morikawa tweeted: “I love finding out morning news on Twitter.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can watching golf improve your game

Yes, it helps me!

One of the most loved sports in the world is golf. The sport involves hitting a ball towards a target from different distances with clubs, sticks, etc. It’s a great way to relax and spend some quality time outdoors. You may not know, but there are many advantages to playing golf. These are just a few of the many benefits that golf can bring to your life.

  • Golf helps you get fit
  • Playing golf makes you feel good
  • Playing doesn’t require you to think about too many things
  • You learn patience by playing golf
  • You can find inspiration from watching the game of golf
  • Golf is great fun
  • It is very easy to learn how to play golf
  • Golf is more affordable than other sports
  • Golf is an excellent stress-relieving activity
  • Golf is a social activity

Can a professional golfer make a living?

Yes, it is possible for a professional golfer to make money. It takes dedication and hard work. Pros can make millions each year.

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Can I play golf?

Golf isn’t bad for you. It’s quite healthy. Golfers have a longer life expectancy than non-golfers, according to studies. They also tend to be less stressed out, which means they’re happier people.

What is the most crucial shot in golf

The most important shot a golfer can make is the putt. The putt is the most important shot for a golfer. If you don’t hit it perfectly, you will likely lose the hole (and perhaps the game).

How can I lower my score on golf by five strokes?

First, you need to improve your swing mechanics. You probably know how to hold the club correctly, but if you don’t feel comfortable swinging the club properly, you won’t get the proper feedback from your body. After mastering this step, you can work on your flexibility and strength. Begin slow and work your way up to faster distances. As you get better scores, your game will become consistent.

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Can I improve the game of golf by not practicing?

Practicing is essential to improving your game. However, if you don’t possess the time or resources to consistently perform drills, you can still improve. Just remember that it’s important to put in the effort to practice what your intention is. Playing faster is the best way to improve your game. The same goes for if your goal is to hit the target further.


  • Stats reveal 96% of golfers play right-handed. (
  • This means as much as 50% of your practice time. (
  • The blade aim at impact controls 92% of the ball’s start line, so prioritise face aim as a place to start (
  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (
  • However, if you go in thinking that you will get all the way down to a 10, you will likely stunt your progress because your expectations are way out of line. (

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How To

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

How To Improve your golf swing

Practice is key to improving your game. Practice makes perfect! Spending time practicing your swing every day is the best way to improve it. You must work hard if you want to see improvements. It is important to practice at least five times per semaine. It’s important to do this consistently so that you get results.

Learning how to play the game of golf should be slow. Start off with short shots and work up to longer ones. This will help you gain strength and endurance. You will struggle to hit the ball straight when you start playing golf. If you persevere, you’ll eventually master the art of golf swing.

You can swing from many different positions and stances. Try hitting the ball while standing still, then moving forward and back. Next, you can walk backwards while hitting the ball. Next, you can run and hit the ball. Each of these swings require a different stance and position. These exercises will help you learn which stance and position works best for you. When you are confident in your stance or position, you can start playing actual games.

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Keep track of how you are doing. You can track your progress and see areas where you need to improve. Note everything that you have done. Keep track how many times you practice each day and score your progress. You can use this information to assess your progress.

Professional instructors can give you lessons if you are having difficulty developing a strong swing. A qualified teacher will teach you the correct technique and give tips for improving your game. They can help you pick the right equipment. Your chances for success are significantly increased when you have someone who knows the ropes.

Golf is a very popular sport today. The sport is enjoyed by millions every year. There are many things you could do to improve your playing of golf. These tips include learning how the greens are read, practicing your swing, and improving your short game.




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