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Ryder Cup Pandemonium as European Fans Dive Into Lake in Celebration, Led by Enthusiastic Grey-Haired Supporter

The high-stakes Ryder Cup took an unexpected turn as jubilant European fans celebrated their victory by diving into a nearby lake. The thrilling conclusion came as Tommy Fleetwood sealed the historic win with an incredible tee shot on the 16th hole.

A Spectacle to Remember

As the crowd erupted in excitement, one audacious fan took the plunge and leaped into the water beside the 16th green.

European fans soon followed, diving into the lake in a show of camaraderie

The Shot Heard Round the Course

With only two holes left to play, Fleetwood's triumph essentially secured an extra half point for Europe, pushing their total to the magic 14½ points needed to reclaim the iconic Ryder Cup from their rivals, the United States.

A Memorable Dive

Amidst the crowd's wild celebration, one standout supporter, distinguished by his striking grey hair, made a daring move. Dodging security, this individual sprinted across the 16th green and, just like the famous faces of KFC or Santa, shed his hat before diving spectacularly into the water.

Fans Follow Suit

Not to be outdone, numerous other fans eagerly replicated the incredible feat, ensuring unforgettable scenes in Rome.

Aerial View of Delight

Europe's Ryder Cup Twitter account captured the excitement with an aerial photo of fans swimming and announced, "We have fans in the water, repeat, fans in the water!"

Calling for Player Participation

One enthusiastic fan took it a step further, expressing a desire for the victorious European team to join in the aquatic celebrations, exclaiming, "We want players in the water!"