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Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’

, Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’

TIGER WOODS has revealed how heartbroken he is at missing this year’s Open — saying his Hoylake victory in 2006 was one of the most emotional weeks of his life.

Woods’ third, and most recent, Open triumph came just a couple of months after the death of his father, Earl, from prostate cancer.

Tiger Woods was trained by his farther Earl from a young age

, Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’
He has won The Open three times throughout his career

After he sank his final putt, the 15-time Major champion broke down in tears on the shoulder of caddie Steve Williams, a rare display of emotion from Woods.

He recalled: “That week in 2006 was a very emotional one. It was the first championship I ever won without my dad being there. It was a tough, tough week, but also probably the most gratifying that I have ever experienced over there.

Woods, 47, has to sit out this year after undergoing another operation on the right leg he mangled in an horrific car crash 18 months ago, an injury that threatens to bring an end to his glittering career.

But he sent a video message detailing his love of The Open, to acknowledge an award from the Association of Golf Writers, for outstanding services to the game.

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And it was obvious how much Woods wishes he was here in the North West of England this week for The 151st Open.

He said: “My years of playing The Open Championship — starting at St Andrews in 1995 — have provided some of the greatest moments, and greatest memories, I have had not just in my golfing career, but in my whole life.

“Those memories include my first win at St Andrews in 2000, winning again at the Home of Golf in 2005, and on to where everyone is playing this week, at Hoylake.”

But he admitted not all his Open memories were happy ones.


The American legend had to play in a near-hurricane at Muirfield in 2002 as a third-round 81 wrecked his chances of the first-ever calendar Grand Slam.

Woods had already won The Masters and the US Open that year — the first person to achieve that feat in 30 years — making it seven wins in the previous 11 Majors.

But failing to break 80 for the first time as a pro saw him crash out of contention as Ernie Els triumphed.

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He grimaced: “Some days are tough and I particularly remember that Saturday in 2002 at Muirfield.

“That was the worst day I have ever known and probably the worst in the history of golf.

“I have never felt that cold, I have never felt that wet and I have never felt that miserable.

, Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’
Woods broke down in tears when he won The Open Championship in 2006

, Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’
He hugged his caddy in a moment of high emotions

“And it was fun after the round talking to you guys, because most of you bailed — and we wanted to do that, too!

“I remember a couple of my friends among the writers from the UK offering me cups of coffee when I walked in to speak to you.

“That was great and I have enjoyed my relationship over the years with the writers and the fans who really understand and respect the sport.

“I just want to say thank you for bringing joy to my life when I go over there to play The Open Championship — the history, the knowledge, the passing on of stories so I can pass them on to my son and to future generations.”

Woods grinned as he admitted his dealings with the British press over the years had sometimes been a love-hate relationship.

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He said: “My career has spanned a number of years — a number of decades — and I have formed some great relationships with the media.

“And I have also seen some other sides to the media that were a bit different.

“There has certainly been an ‘interesting’ side to my relationship with the media over the years!

“There have been some very ‘creative’ writers and some eclectic stories that have been told during the Championship week.”

But it is Woods’ golf — and not his sometimes chequered private life — that has written some of The Open’s most famous plotlines.

, Tiger Woods broke down in tears after winning The Open without his dad in ‘tough, tough week’
Rory McIlroy is a good friend of Woods and will be competing to try and win his first major since 2014 this week

Frequently Asked Questions

Are golfing and bad for me?

Golf is good for you. Golf is actually quite healthy. Studies show that people who play golf live longer than those who do not. They also tend to be less stressed out, which means they’re happier people.

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Is it really necessary to join a club in order to golf?

A membership to the golf course is not required. But, you do have access to all the amenities at the course like the driving ranges, the putting greens, or the locker rooms.

Is it possible to make money as a professional player of golf?

Yes, you can make money as a professional golfer. But it takes hard work and dedication. Pros make millions every year.

What does the average golfer shoot?

The average golfer shoots around 80-85 yards with their driver.

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How can you improve your golf game in a matter of hours?

Your best bet for improving your golf game is to practice 20 minutes per days, three times a weeks. Practice consistently if your goal is to play well in every tournament. Practice makes perfect!

How do I improve my game of golf?

These simple tips will help you improve your game of golf quickly and easily.

  1. Do more practice and less play. Practice more to become better at your chosen skill. Exercising too often can lead to poor habits.
  2. Feel good. There are days when you just don’t feel like playing. Don’t force you to do things that are not enjoyable. Instead, look for ways to make golf more enjoyable.
  3. Take breaks. Golfers take breaks throughout the round to stretch, walk, eat lunch, and so on. Breaks allow your body to relax, and help you stay focused during the round.
  4. Drink water It is easy to forget how many drinks you have consumed while on the course. Drink enough water to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. You will feel refreshed and ready for your next round of golf if you drink plenty of water before, throughout, and after the game.
  5. Healthy eating is key. You will be able to do well on the course if you eat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables and lean protein.
  6. Hydration is key. Drinking lots of water is the best way to stay hydrated. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of fluids per day. This includes plain water and water made with beverages such as coffee.
  7. Get warm. Warm up for five minutes by walking, jogging or running before hitting your first shot. Focus on becoming loose and limber.
  8. Keep your head down. It’s important that you keep your eyes focused on the ball when you tee-off. Don’t look at the ball and pay attention to where it hits. Instead, you should focus on the hole.
  9. Swing with proper form. Proper form may mean different things to different people. But you should try to avoid swinging at your target. Instead, aim to strike the ball at the center of your target.
  10. Concentrate on the process. You can improve your golf swing by focusing on the process. If you struggle to keep your hands still, relax your grip. If balance is difficult for you, then work on improving your posture.


  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (
  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (
  • By adding 10 more yards to all their golf shots amateurs will increase the percentage of greens they hit by 8 – 10%. (
  • Trackman found that over 65% of amateur’s golf shots finish short of the target from 160 yards. (
  • Or that, on the greens, some 84% of putts over five feet also finish short of the hole? (

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How To

How can I improve my golf game at home

You can practice wherever you are!

Any type of equipment can be used, from a simple putter to an entire set of clubs. There are many different types of golf training devices available online, such as putting trainers, swing analyzers, and even virtual reality systems.

Practice regularly is the best way for you to improve your work golf game. Finding a local course close to where you live and work is the best way to do so. This allows you to practice whenever you feel like it without having to worry about finding a partner or waiting until you get home.

Practice makes perfect. If you don’t play enough, practice once a week, or every two. If you play often, try playing twice per month or every other month. It doesn’t matter how often you practice; just make sure to keep practicing.

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When you are looking to purchase a new golf clubs, ensure it fits correctly. Unfitting clubs can cause injury or damage to your favorite club. Review before purchasing anything. Consider what size grip you prefer.

Always warm up properly before hitting a ball. At first, it might be difficult to know how much force should you apply when swinging the club. Warming up is a great way to learn how strong your ball needs to be to travel certain distances.



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