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Tyrrell Hatton Rescues LIV Golf Teammate in Las Vegas Hotel Mishap

, Tyrrell Hatton Rescues LIV Golf Teammate in Las Vegas Hotel Mishap

English golfer comes to the aid of fellow player Caleb Surratt

Tyrrell Hatton, the English golfer, recently found himself playing the role of hero when he came to the rescue of his LIV Golf teammate, Caleb Surratt, in Las Vegas. Surratt, who is only 19 years old, encountered difficulties while trying to check-in at a hotel in Sin City. Despite being an elite sports competitor, Surratt faced the challenge of being underage and unable to book a room on his own. Thankfully, Hatton stepped in and saved the day.

Teamwork on and off the course

Hatton and Jon Rahm, both high-profile signings for LIV Golf's Legion XIII team, have been instrumental in the team's success. Alongside Zimbabwean player Kieran Vincent, the trio clinched victory in the first team competition at Mayakoba, Mexico. However, it was off the course where Hatton's intervention was needed. Observing Surratt's nervousness during check-in, Hatton approached him and discovered that someone over the age of 21 was required to be on the reservation for Surratt to stay in the room. Without hesitation, Hatton handed over his driver's license to ensure his teammate had a place to stay.

A bright future for Surratt

Although the Las Vegas hotel mishap may have been a minor setback, Surratt remains focused on the bigger picture. As a Walker Cup player, he showcased his talent last September, and now he finds himself starring for LIV Golf's newest team, with Hatton and Rahm as his mentors. Surratt expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, stating that having two of the world's best players by his side on a daily basis is a tremendous boost for his golf game and his professional career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the common modifications and accommodations for retired golfers?

A number of adaptations are available to improve the experience for retired golfers. Power carts can reduce the strain of walking a full course, and many courses offer senior tees, which are closer to the greens. For those with arthritis, or reduced strength in their hands, clubs with senior-flex shafts will make the swing easier. They can also benefit from larger grips. Carrying lighter clubs and bags is easier, and golf balls designed for slower swing speed are available.

How can retirees get started with golf if they’ve never played before?

The first step for retirees who are new to the game of golf is to take introductory lessons with a professional on their local golf course. Beginners will learn the basics at their own pace. Senior-specific courses or clinics are available at many courses, and provide instruction that is tailored to older adults’ physical abilities and learning preferences. It is possible to discover your personal preferences by renting equipment before purchasing clubs.

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What are some of the health benefits that golfing can provide for retired people?

Golf is an excellent form of low-impact aerobic exercise that promotes cardiovascular health and enhances flexibility. Seniors can maintain strength and endurance by walking around the course. Swinging the club also helps with balance and flexibility. The social aspect of golf can also improve mental wellbeing. This is because it allows for interaction between players and camaraderie.

What are the factors that retirees should consider when selecting a golf course where they can play regularly?

Golf courses should be chosen according to the physical and skill levels of retirees. It may be easier for older players to navigate courses with flatter terrain. Also, shorter course distances can make them more enjoyable. You should also consider accessibility and amenities, like shaded areas and restrooms. Looking for courses that offer senior-friendly discounts and social clubs will enhance the golfing experience for retired players and allow them to engage and make new friends.

Can golfing enhance the social life for retirees?

Yes, golf can significantly enhance retirees’ social life. Golf’s social nature allows you to make new friends and meet people. Golf leagues and tournaments are popular among retirees. They also enjoy playing with their peers regularly. This leads to more social interaction, camaraderie and the creation of a supportive group that shares an interest. Golf’s social aspect can reduce loneliness and increase quality of living.


  • Golf is known to burn around 400 to 600 calories per round, and with retirees playing multiple rounds per week, it contributes positively to their caloric control.
  • The National Golf Foundation reports that retired individuals account for roughly 70% of all rounds of golf played during weekdays.
  • Senior golfers have been reported to walk an average of 600 to 900 miles per year if they play 36 holes a week, implying significant cardiovascular benefits.
  • Surveys reveal that over 80% of retired golfers play for recreational purposes, valuing the social and physical aspects over competition.
  • Studies have found that playing golf can add an average of 5 years to one’s life expectancy, with seniors as a key demographic reaping these benefits.

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Selecting the right golf clothing is crucial to your comfort and performance regardless of the weather. Opt for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics during warm weather to help keep your body cool. It is best to layer in colder temperatures. Begin with a thermal base, then add insulating and waterproof layers. Keep a raincoat and hat with you to prepare for any sudden weather changes. Comfortable golf shoes with good grip will provide stability on various terrains.

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