Watch as wild brawl breaks out on golf course as one shirtless man attacks another with flagstick in charity fundraiser

PLAYERS enjoying a charity fundraiser got more than they bargained for after a wild brawl on the golf course.

A shirtless golfer even grabbed the flagstick and used it to attack another man.

The fight breaks out on the golf course at a charity fundraiser
The shirtless man grabs the flagstick and launches an attack

The school fundraiser, which took place in South Africa, got out of hand after a drunken brawl broke out.

The two drunk offenders started by throwing punches at each other with one man having his shirt ripped off.

He responded by taking the flagstick out of the hole and charging at his rival.

Eventually the fight, which it is claimed was caused by accusations of a stolen phone, calmed down but only after the crazy antics on the final hole of the fundraiser.

South Africa’s Times Live reported the course manager said: “From the video you can see that both were incredibly wobbly on their feet.”

And it was the unexpected hooks from the brawlers, rather than off the tee, which grabbed the spotlight after this fight on the golf course.

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