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Bookmakers on High Alert as Massive Bet Placed on 125-1 Long Shot

, Bookmakers on High Alert as Massive Bet Placed on 125-1 Long Shot

Money Pours In for Gary Moore's Yorksea

Bookmakers are on edge as a "significant gamble" takes shape on Gary Moore's 125-1 outsider, Yorksea, in Saturday's Betfair Hurdle at 3.15pm. Despite Yorksea's recent refusal to race, punters are showing unwavering faith in the six-year-old gelding, causing his odds to plummet to 28-1.

Moore's Track Record of Successful Gambles

Gary Moore has a history of landing big bets, including the 34-length Welsh Grand National winner Nassalam. This has caught the attention of bookies, who are concerned that if Yorksea wins, it could become one of the most expensive single races of the season.

The Uncertainty Surrounding Yorksea's Participation

Even Moore himself is unsure if Yorksea will decide to run in the 2m Class 1 race, which boasts a £90,000 prize for the winner. In his Sun Racing column, he advised punters to consider backing Yorksea on the exchanges due to his recent reluctance to jump off. However, Moore also expressed optimism about his well-backed horse, Spirit D'Aunou, who he believes has a strong chance of winning the Betfair Hurdle.

Bookmakers' Odds for the Betfair Hurdle

Here are the current odds for the Betfair Hurdle:

  • 6-1 Ocastle Des Mottes
  • 13-2 Iberico Lord
  • 7-1 Altobelli
  • 8-1 Spirit D'Aunou
  • 11-1 Brentford Hope, Lookaway
  • 14-1 Onlyamatteroftime, Aurigny Mill
  • 16-1 bar

Remember to gamble responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best diet for a race horse?

The diet of a racehorse must be balanced and high-quality to meet the demands for energy during training and racing. The feed is a mix of commercially produced racehorse-specific feed, high-grade hay and grains such as barley or oatmeal. In order to ensure peak performance, it is important that the diet be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

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At what age should a horse start race training?

Horses can start their basic training as yearlings, but most begin their more rigorous race training and conditioning when they are around two years old. When their bodies are mature and able to handle the stress of the track, but still young enough to learn. However, timing will vary depending upon the horse’s individual temperament and developmental stage.

How do I train a racing horse?

Conditioning a racehorse is a gradual process that includes a combination of long, slow distance work to build stamina and shorter, faster workouts to develop speed. The horse’s cardiovascular system, musculature, and skeletal structure must be strengthened over time through a carefully designed exercise regimen that mimics the rigors of racing without causing injury or undue stress.

What precautions should be taken to ensure the health of a racehorse when training it?

In order to prevent injury and illness, it is essential that racehorses receive the care they need. Regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and proper hoof management are essential. It’s also crucial to watch for signs such as fatigue, strain or discomfort. By implementing a training plan that is well thought out and allows for a gradual progression of intensity, you can minimize the risk of injury to your musculoskeletal system.

What is the role a jockey plays in the training and preparation of racehorses?

Jockeys have a crucial role to play in the training of racehorses. Not only do they ride the racehorses during workouts and give feedback, but they help educate the horse on racing tactics. A good jockey is able to recognize the horse’s strengths, weaknesses and how they can be improved.

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There are different race training methods available for different horse types.

The race training methods used for different breeds of horses can vary because the breed characteristics as well as racing distances are different. For instance, Thoroughbreds, which are commonly associated with long-distance flat racing, undergo different training compared to Quarter Horses, which specialize in sprinting short distances. Each breed is unique and requires a different approach to match their physical characteristics and behaviors.


  • Around 80% of thoroughbred racehorses begin their racing careers by the age of two, according to industry estimates.
  • The average cost to train a thoroughbred racehorse for one year can exceed $50,000, accounting for expenses related to training, boarding, and veterinary care.
  • Statistically, less than 1% of thoroughbred foals born each year will go on to win a stakes race.
  • Studies suggest that proper early training can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in racehorses by up to 50%.
  • An extensive survey indicated that over 90% of racehorse trainers utilize swimming as a low-impact exercise in their conditioning routines.
  • Approximately 70% of a racehorse’s diet consists of forage, with the remainder made up of grains and supplements to meet their high-calorie needs.

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How To

How to deal with common behavioral issues in racehorses

First, ensure that any behavioral issues in racehorses aren’t a result of physical discomfort. Once the health problems have been eliminated, employ consistent and positive methods of training to modify behaviors. Employ groundwork exercises to reinforce obedience and respect. In cases of more challenging behaviors, use desensitization techniques to reduce overreactions to stimuli. Instill confidence and trust into the horse by remaining calm and assertive.




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