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Horse Racing

Celeb Horse Racing Empires: From the Rooneys to Christian & Geri Horner

Cheltenham Race festival 2024 . Day three St Patrick’s Thursday ..Harry Redknapp Chers as his horse wins at Cheltenham

Stars in the Racing World

The Grand National always draws in big names from the world of showbiz, with celebs going beyond just betting on races to owning their own horses. From Harry Redknapp to Sir Alex Ferguson, these stars are making waves in the racing world.

Queen Elizabeth's Racing Success

The late Queen Elizabeth II was not only the nation's beloved monarch but also a successful horse owner. With over 550 wins and earnings exceeding £8.7m, she was a true icon in the world of horse racing.

Celeb Owners and Their Horses

From Carol Vorderman and Richard Hammond teaming up to Liz Hurley's shares in racing syndicates, celebrities are deeply involved in the horse racing scene. Even Dame Judi Dench co-owns a winning horse with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Rooneys and the Horner's Racing Ventures

Wayne and Coleen Rooney's racing experience has had its ups and downs, with investments in racehorses that didn't quite meet expectations. On the other hand, Geri and Christian Horner are hoping their racehorses named after Geri's solo hits will bring them success at prestigious races like Cheltenham.

Mick Jagger's Bittersweet Racing Journey

Despite Mick Jagger's candid remarks about owning racehorses, his horse Sandymount Duke achieved significant success before tragically passing away. The Rolling Stones frontman's venture into horse racing had its share of highs and lows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the handicap system in UK horseracing and how does it work?

In UK horseracing, the handicap system gives every horse an equally good chance of winning. Horses are given different weights based on past performance. Better horses carry heavier weights to level the playing field against horses with lesser past performances. The British Horseracing Authority in the UK is responsible to update ratings after the race results.

What does ‘photofinish’ in horseracing mean?

A ‘photo finish’ occurs when two or more horses cross the finish line so closely together that it is impossible to determine the winner with the naked eye. In such instances, race officials use a finish-line camera that captures images at high speeds to review the precise moment each horse’s nose reaches the line. The photo-finish image allows officials to accurately determine the official order.

What is the meaning of ‘Going?’ in horse racing

‘Going’ refers to the condition of the racecourse’s surface on the day of a race. It is a critical factor that can affect the performance of the horses and the outcome of a race. The ‘Going’ can range from heavy, indicating a very soft and wet track, to firm, indicating a hard and dry surface. There are a number of gradations between the two, such as good to soft and good to hard. Trainers and riders must take into account the “Going”, when making decisions about racing strategies and equipment. For example, choosing horseshoes that provide better grip.

What does it mean when a horse is described as a ‘stayer’ in racing terms?

In racing terms, a ‘stayer’ is a horse that excels in racing over long distances. Typically, the distances exceed one mile. Stayers require not only speed, but endurance as well to maintain their pace during long races. Renowned keepers often compete at long-distance races, such as the Ascot Gold Cup.

What are some of the most prestigious events for horse racing in the UK.

The United Kingdom hosts many acclaimed horse-racing events that are popular around the globe. The Epsom Derby, The Grand National at Aintree and The Royal Ascot are among the most prestigious. These events showcase not only the best in equine talents, but also rich tradition and history. They have evolved into social occasions with distinct dress codes and royal patronage.

What are ‘Classics’ in UK horse racing?

Classics refers to the five most prestigious races in UK thoroughbred racing. These are usually considered the best contests of three-year-old horses. The 2,000 Guineas race, The 1,000 Guineas race, The Epsom Derby Race, The Epsom Oaks Race, and The St. Leger Stakes are all Classics. This is a major achievement for any horse. Winning the Triple Crown is even more impressive.


  • There are over 8,000 active racehorse owners in the UK, ranging from royals to common citizens.
  • British horse racing generates over £350 million in annual tax revenues for the UK government.
  • The prize money for the Epsom Derby stands at approximately £1.5 million, with the winner taking home a substantial portion of this sum.
  • Horse racing contributes an estimated £3.7 billion to the UK economy directly and indirectly each year.
  • British racing oversees around 1,500 fixtures annually across its 59 racecourses.
  • The National Hunt racing season in the UK sees approximately 1,000 races with hurdles or fences each year.

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How to select the best horse racing festival in UK

Choosing the right horse racing festival in the UK depends on your interests, whether it be the elegance of flat racing or the thrill of jumps. Royal Ascot has a royal connection and a strict dressing code. If you want pomp and pageantry then this is the festival for you. The Cheltenham Festival is a great place to go if you enjoy jump racing. It offers both a high-stakes race and a festive atmosphere. Investigate the race types, history, and entertainment options. Consider the location and accessibility, as well as accommodation options to ensure your race day experience is as enjoyable and convenient as possible.