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Horse Racing

Cheltenham Festival Horse Owner Arrested in £28m Crystal Meth Raid

Former Owner Kicked Out of Syndicate

The former owner of a Cheltenham Festival horse, Nathan McDonnell, 43, has been arrested in a record £28 million crystal meth seizure. McDonnell, who was one of the co-owners of the Gavin Cromwell-trained Stumptown, has been kicked out of the syndicate that owned the top racehorse.

Arrest and Charges

McDonnell was charged in Tralee District Court in Ireland last week with possession of drugs for sale or supply. The charges carry a minimum ten-year prison sentence and a maximum of life behind bars if found guilty. His co-accused, James Leen, 41, is facing two charges related to drug importation of crystal meth.

Massive Crystal Meth Seizure

Customs officials discovered a massive 543kg of crystal meth with an estimated street value of £28 million inside a container in Cork port. Detective Sergeant Thomas Griffin of Listowel gardai called it the largest recorded seizure of crystal meth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces are used for horse racing?

Horse races are held on a range of surfaces, such as synthetic tracks, turf (grass) and dirt. The different types of surfaces can influence a horse differently. Some horses might even have a preference. Rain-soaked tracks can have a major impact on the outcome.

What are major horse races?

Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is a series of three prestigious horse races in the United States: the Kentucky Derby Stakes and the Preakness Stakes. Dubai World Cup is a race that has a lot of international recognition. Other races are the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (France), Royal Ascot (United Kingdom), and Melbourne Cup (Australia). These prestigious racing events draw the world’s best jockeys, horses, and trainers.

What is the Triple Crown of horse racing?

Triple Crown: This prestigious title is awarded to thoroughbreds that are three years old and have won three major races within a year. In the United States they are the Kentucky Derby Stakes (Preakness Stakes) and Belmont Stakes. Triple Crown is rare and an honorable accomplishment. It signifies a horses exceptional endurance and capabilities.

How do handicaps operate in horse racing

Handicapping, also known as handicapping in racing, is a system that gives all horses the same chance to win. Horses are assigned different weights based on their past performances, with the perceived better horses carrying more weight. This system was created to ensure fair competition.

What are the betting odds for horse racing?

The odds of winning a horse race bet reflect the probability that a specific outcome will occur. These odds are often presented as fractions or decimals to indicate the potential profit that a better could make on a successful wager. Odds may fluctuate according to how much is bet on each horse. They can also change before the race starts. A seasoned bettor will watch these changes to make informed wagers.


  • The record for the highest horse race betting turnover in a year is held by Japan, surpassing $22 billion.
  • Horse racing events in the United Kingdom draw in a yearly attendance of over 6 million people.
  • The average racing career of a Thoroughbred horse spans approximately three to four years, after which many pursue breeding or other equestrian activities.
  • The Thoroughbred industry in the United Kingdom heralds over £3 billion in economic output annually.
  • Australia hosts more than 19,000 horse races annually, making it home to one of the busiest racing calendars globally.

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How To

How To Bet At A Horse Racing Track

Before you place a wager on a racing track, determine how much money you want to risk. Decide on the type of bet – whether it’s a simple win, place, show, or a more complex exotic bet like exacta or trifecta. You should approach a betting booth and state clearly the race number, horse number and type of bet. Hand over your betting money, take the printed ticket, and double-check it before leaving the window. Keep your ticket so you can claim your winnings in the event that your bet wins. Also, automated betting machines can be used for more privacy as well as shorter lines.