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Nicky Henderson Celebrates Double Win at Newbury

, Nicky Henderson Celebrates Double Win at Newbury

Shishkin Returns to Form

Nicky Henderson, the six-time champion trainer, enjoyed a successful day at Newbury as Shishkin won the Denman Chase and Iberico Lord claimed the £155,000 Betfair Hurdle. Henderson, based at Seven Barrows in Lambourn, has always had success at this track and hopes this double win will set him up for a successful spring, with the Cheltenham Festival just weeks away. Shishkin, ridden by Nico de Boinville, will be aiming for the Gold Cup at Cheltenham after returning to form.

Iberico Lord Takes the Betfair Hurdle

Henderson's day got even better when Iberico Lord, owned by JP McManus, won the Betfair Hurdle for a record sixth time. The six-year-old came from behind to beat L'Eau Du Sud and could now target the County Hurdle. Henderson praised the progress of Iberico Lord, who had a disappointing run at Ascot before Christmas but has shown improvement since then.

Edwardstone Finds Victory in the Game Spirit Chase

A fan favorite, Edwardstone, regained his form in the Game Spirit Chase. After a series of lackluster performances, the horse delivered a strong front-running ride under jockey Tom Cannon. Cannon admitted to being tempted to change tactics after Edwardstone's second-place finish in the Tingle Creek, but ultimately decided to capitalize on the horse's speed. The victory provided an exhilarating experience for both horse and jockey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first training step for a racehorse?

During the first phase of racing a horse, there is a critical “breaking” stage where the horses become accustomed with a saddle, bridle or the weight from a rider. During these early sessions, patience and gentle handling are paramount to ensure the horse learns to be comfortable with human interaction and the equipment it will wear throughout its racing career.

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Different horse breeds require different race training techniques

The race training methods used for different breeds of horses can vary because the breed characteristics as well as racing distances are different. Thoroughbreds which are associated with long distance flat racing undergo different training to Quarter Horses which specialize in sprinting over short distances. Each breed has unique physical and behavioral traits that require a tailored training approach.

How can you maintain the mental health of a racehorse?

It is equally important to maintain a racehorse’s psychological health as it is its physical fitness. The psychological health of racehorses is influenced by a variety of routines, regular turnout in pastures, mental stimulation and patient, gentle handling. By ensuring the horse is socialized with other horses in a stable, calm environment, you can prevent stress and behavioral problems.

How do I train a racing horse?

A racehorse’s conditioning is a process that involves a combination of slow, long distance work for stamina as well as shorter, faster workouts for speed. A carefully designed regimen of exercise must gradually strengthen the horse’s cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal system. This is done to mimic the stress of racing, without injuring or overstressing it.

When can a horse be expected to start racing training?

While horses can begin basic race training as young yearlings (or even younger), most start their more intensive training when they reach two years of age. This is when their bodies are mature enough to handle the stresses of the track while still being young and adaptable for the learning process. The exact timing can vary depending on each horse’s temperament and development.

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Can you race a horse on any track?

Although initial training can be done on any track, race-specific training is often required in facilities that mimic the conditions the horse may face during competition. This means that you need to have tracks that are of the correct size, with the same kind of surface your horse will be racing. By using the right track, you can condition your horse properly and help them get used to the racing environment.


  • Racehorse mortality rates during racing have been observed to be between 1.5 to 2 deaths per thousand starts, depending on the racing jurisdiction.
  • An extensive survey indicated that over 90% of racehorse trainers utilize swimming as a low-impact exercise in their conditioning routines.
  • Statistically, less than 1% of thoroughbred foals born each year will go on to win a stakes race.
  • The average racehorse reaches its peak physical ability between the ages of four to five, with some variation based on the breed and individual development.
  • Around 80% of thoroughbred racehorses begin their racing careers by the age of two, according to industry estimates.
  • The majority of racehorses in training are subject to an exercise regimen that includes being ridden six days a week.

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How To

How to Mentally Stimulate A Racehorse While Training

Maintain a racehorse’s mental stimulation by exposing him to different environments and training exercises. This will prevent boredom, stress and fatigue. Trail rides and outdoor exercise can be added to trackwork. Teach the horse new commands and patterns to engage its mind. Mental health of horses is improved by allowing social interaction between horses. A horse that is mentally satisfied will be more cooperative and focused during training and racing.

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