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Horse Racing

Punters Concerned for Jonbon’s Champion Chase Hopes

Footage Raises Questions

Punters were left worried about Jonbon's chances in the Champion Chase after video footage surfaced of the horse schooling under Nicky Henderson. Nico de Boinville, the jockey, praised Jonbon's accuracy while jumping fences at Seven Barrows. However, some viewers were not convinced, noting a tentative jump just two weeks before the big race.

Challenging the Favorite

Jonbon is currently the 3-1 second favorite to take on the red-hot 1-2 market leader El Fabiolo on March 13. Henderson's charge faced defeat last year against Willie Mullins' runner in the Arkle and had a disappointing performance at the Clarence House Chase last month.

Expert Opinions

Respected racing commentator Mike Cattermole expressed doubts about Jonbon's jumping skills, while punters took to social media to share their concerns. Henderson is also dealing with issues surrounding another horse, Constitution Hill, who is facing health challenges ahead of the Festival.

Concerns for Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill, an unbeaten superstar, is struggling with mucus in his airway, impacting his odds of defending his Champion Hurdle crown. Trainer Henrietta Knight expressed doubts about the horse's recovery, raising questions about his participation in the upcoming race.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that influence a horse race’s outcome?

Many variables impact the result of a horse race, including the horse’s physical condition, breeding, and training. Additionally, the jockey’s skill and experience, the track conditions, distance, and the weight carried by the horse are crucial factors. Weather conditions can be a major factor. Some horses perform better in specific conditions or on certain surfaces.

How do handicaps work for horse racing?

Handicapping in horse racing is a method used to give all horses an equal chance at winning. Horses are assigned different weights based on their past performances, with the perceived better horses carrying more weight. This system is designed to balance the competition and is a critical aspect to understand for those betting on races.

What is the horse racing betting system?

Horse racing betting odds are a reflection of the probability for a given outcome. These odds are often presented as fractions or decimals to indicate the potential profit that a better could make on a successful wager. Odds can fluctuate based on the amount of money wagered on each horse and can vary up until the race begins. The seasoned bettors will monitor these changes in order to make informed betting decisions.

What are major horse races?

Some of the most illustrious events in horse racing include the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in the United States, which comprises the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Dubai World Cup, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Royal Ascot, United Kingdom and Melbourne Cup are all internationally renowned races. These prestigious events bring together the finest jockeys, trainers, and horses from all over the world.

What are the different surfaces that horse races are run on?

Horse races are held on a range of surfaces, such as synthetic tracks, turf (grass) and dirt. Each type of surface can affect a horse’s performance differently, and some horses may show a preference or exhibit superior abilities on a particular surface. Conditions, such as a wet surface due to rain, may also have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a racing event.


  • Australia hosts more than 19,000 horse races annually, making it home to one of the busiest racing calendars globally.
  • Horse racing events in the United Kingdom draw in a yearly attendance of over 6 million people.
  • The Thoroughbred industry in the United Kingdom heralds over £3 billion in economic output annually.
  • The average racing career of a Thoroughbred horse spans approximately three to four years, after which many pursue breeding or other equestrian activities.
  • The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race, sees an average attendance of over 100,000 spectators each year.

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