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Horse Racing

Sir Alex Ferguson Jokes About His Expensive Horse Racing Hobby

The Late Lady Cathy Would Not Approve

Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary former manager of Manchester United, recently joked that his late wife, Lady Cathy, would have been furious if she knew how much money he has spent on horses. The 81-year-old has been passionate about horse racing for many years and has recently seen success with his horse, Spirit Dancer, winning a huge prize at the Bahrain International Trophy.

A Passion for Horses

Ferguson's love for horses has been evident aside from his successful football career. In a recent interview, he admitted that horse racing has been an expensive hobby for him. Last week, he purchased two horses, one from Ireland and one from France, for a total of £650,000. He jokingly mentioned that his late wife would have been displeased if she knew the amount of money involved.

Racing Success and Ownership

Spirit Dancer's recent triumph at the Bahrain International Trophy was a significant moment for Ferguson. The horse, which he bred at his Upperwood Farm Stud in Hemel Hempstead, won £500,000 for Ferguson and his co-owners. Ferguson currently owns 32 horses in total, with the majority being National Hunt and trained by renowned trainers such as Paul Nicholls and Dan Skelton. He also has a few horses on the Flat, including Spirit Dancer.

Despite his passion for horse racing, Ferguson does not interfere with trainers or jockeys. He believes in letting the experts do their job, just as he never allowed interference when he was a manager. Horse racing provides him with a release and a sense of joy, and he continues to find success in the sport.