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Sky Racing Presenter Kate Tracey Opens Up About Dealing with Online Trolls and Her Love for Fashion and Horse Racing

, Sky Racing Presenter Kate Tracey Opens Up About Dealing with Online Trolls and Her Love for Fashion and Horse Racing

Kate Tracey: The Rising Star of Sky Racing

Sky Racing fans have been captivated by the charming presenter Kate Tracey. The 30-year-old, known for her glamorous style and in-depth knowledge, hosts the tipping show Weekend Winners and leads William Hill’s coverage of the Racing League.

Dealing with Online Trolls

Despite her success, Kate Tracey has faced online trolling for various aspects of her appearance. The presenter revealed that anticipating negative comments before they even appear online can take a toll on her mental well-being.

From Aspiring Jockey to Media Personality

Kate Tracey's passion for horse racing started at a young age when she visited Warwick races with her family. She initially aspired to be a jockey but shifted her focus to journalism after a fall during a race. Her determination led her to a successful career in media, eventually landing her dream job at Sky Sports.

Mixing Fashion and Horse Racing

Kate Tracey, with over 20,000 Instagram followers, merges her love for fashion with her passion for horse racing. She believes that embracing fashion in the racing world can attract a new audience and create a more engaging and inclusive environment.

, Sky Racing Presenter Kate Tracey Opens Up About Dealing with Online Trolls and Her Love for Fashion and Horse Racing

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does a steward play in horse races?

Stewards are responsible for ensuring that all horse racing is conducted in a fair and legal manner, according to the racing rules. They oversee the conduct of jockeys trainers and other racing staff, monitor the races for rule violations, and hold investigations into any incidents. The Stewards are also empowered to impose penalties for any rule violation, including fines or suspensions.

What does the phrase ‘photo finish’ in horse racing mean?

In a ‘photofinish’, two or more horses are so close to each other that it’s impossible to tell who won with the naked eyes. In these cases, race officials use finish-line cameras that take images at high speed to determine the exact moment each horse’s nose crosses the line. The photo finish allows officials to accurately determine official finishing order.

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Are there different types horse races in Britain?

There are several different horse races that take place in the UK. Most of them fall under two main categories, Flat racing and National Hunt Racing (or jump). Flat racing, which does not involve obstacles, is held on level tracks ranging from 5 furlongs to over 2 miles. National Hunt racing emphasizes horse speed and jumping abilities, with races such as steeplechases containing a series obstacles. Within these two broad categories, there are also variations such as handicaps, maidens, and conditions races, each with specific entry criteria and rules.

What does ‘Going’mean in horse racing?

‘Going” refers to the surface condition of the track on the day a race takes place. The ‘Going’ is an important aspect that can impact the performance of the horse and the result of a race. The ‘Going” can vary from heavy, which indicates a wet, very soft track, to firm, which indicates a hard, dry surface. There are many grades between these two extremes, including soft, good-to-soft, good, firm to good, and hard. Trainers and jockeys should consider the “Going” when choosing racing equipment and strategy, including the type of horseshoes to use for better grip.

How can i learn to read race cards?

Understanding the information contained in a racing card is essential for understanding a race, and the horses involved. A racecard typically lists details such as the horse’s name, age, weight carried, trainer, jockey, form figures representing past performance, and sometimes the colors of the silks worn by the jockey. Understanding this information can help you make better betting decisions by allowing you to gauge the chances of each horse. Many racecourses and betting services offer guides to reading racecards as part of their customer service.

How does the handicap system work in UK horse racing?

In UK race horse racing, handicapping is used to give all horses an equal chance of success. Essentially, different weights are assigned to horses based on previous performance. Better horses carry heavier weights to level the playing field against horses with lesser past performances. The British Horseracing Authority is responsible for the handicapping process in the UK, and their team of handicappers regularly updates ratings following the results of races.

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  • British horse racing generates over £350 million in annual tax revenues for the UK government.
  • The prize money for the Epsom Derby stands at approximately £1.5 million, with the winner taking home a substantial portion of this sum.
  • The Grand National at Aintree boasts a prize fund of around £1 million, making it the most valuable jump race in Europe.
  • Around 14,000 thoroughbred foals are born each year in the UK with the goal of becoming top racehorses.
  • Approximately 6 million people attend horse racing events in the UK each year, making it the second most popular spectator sport in the country.
  • There are over 8,000 active racehorse owners in the UK, ranging from royals to common citizens.

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How to watch live horse racing in the UK

If you want to watch live racing in the UK then you can subscribe for a racing channel like Sky Sports Racing. They broadcast races and offer expert analysis. Many online betting sites also offer live streaming services to their account holders, sometimes requiring a minimum bet to access the stream. Several channels, including ITV, broadcast select races throughout the racing season. Download racing channel apps or use betting site apps to view live races on your mobile device.



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