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Horse Racing

Unlucky Punter Loses Over £20,000 Due to Ryan Moore’s ‘Savage’ Move

Punter's Heartbreak

An unlucky punter experienced a devastating loss of over £20,000 after a bold mid-race maneuver by jockey Ryan Moore cost them a potential huge win. The punter shared a photo of their £15 each-way bet on Saudi Cup night, which had the potential for a substantial payout.

The Race Details

In the Longines Red Sea Turf Handicap, Aidan O'Brien's Tower Of London, ridden by Ryan Moore, clinched the victory in a thrilling finish. Despite facing tough competition, Tower Of London emerged victorious, leaving spectators in awe of the intense race.

The Crucial Moment

The pivotal moment came when Moore, glancing at his opponent, executed a strategic move that secured the win for Tower Of London. With a perfectly timed surge, Moore's horse crossed the finish line just ahead of the competition, resulting in the punter missing out on a staggering £21,878.40 payout.

Missed Opportunity

While the punter could have cashed out for £2,068.20 before the final leg of the bet, their decision to let it ride ultimately led to a much smaller return. Despite Enemy, their chosen horse, placing at 9-1, the profit earned was just under £400, leaving the punter with a bittersweet outcome.

It's a stark reminder to always gamble responsibly and be prepared for the unpredictable nature of horse racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the jockey in a horserace?

The jockey is integral to a horse race, as their decisions and skills can influence the outcome. A skilled jockey will know how to pace their horse, when they should hold back and push forward, how to navigate the field as well as use the whip to encourage maximum effort in the final stretch. A successful partnership is dependent on the relationship between horse and jockey.

How do horse racing betting odds work?

The odds of winning a horse race bet reflect the probability that a specific outcome will occur. They are typically presented in the format of fractions or decimals and can indicate how much profit a bettor might gain on a winning bet. Odds may fluctuate according to how much is bet on each horse. They can also change before the race starts. A seasoned betting will pay attention to these changes so that they can make informed wagers.

How do trainers prepare horses for races?

Trainers have a meticulous approach to preparing horses for races, which includes a combination of physical conditioning, nutrition, and mental training. They create customized workouts to build stamina, strength, and speed. The trainers ensure that the horses are eating a healthy diet to maintain their energy and health. They also provide a stable routine and care for them so they can remain focused and calm.

What surfaces are used for horse racing?

Horse races take place on different surfaces such as dirt, synthetic tracks, and turf (grass). The surface type can have a different effect on the performance of a horse. Some horses may even show preference or superior abilities for certain surfaces. Condition changes, like a wet track due to rain, can also dramatically affect the outcome of a race.

What are the main factors that determine the outcome of horse races?

Numerous factors can influence the outcome a horse race. These include the horse’s condition, its breeding, and its training. Additionally, the jockey’s skill and experience, the track conditions, distance, and the weight carried by the horse are crucial factors. Weather also plays a role in horse performance, with some horses performing better than others on certain surfaces.


  • Australia hosts more than 19,000 horse races annually, making it home to one of the busiest racing calendars globally.
  • Horse racing events in the United Kingdom draw in a yearly attendance of over 6 million people.
  • As of the latest reports, the horse racing industry contributes approximately $40 billion annually to the U.S. economy.
  • The average racing career of a Thoroughbred horse spans approximately three to four years, after which many pursue breeding or other equestrian activities.
  • Horse racing is known to support roughly 1.4 million full-time jobs in the United States alone.

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