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Boris Becker Quits Coaching Role After Three Months Due to Private Commitments

, Boris Becker Quits Coaching Role After Three Months Due to Private Commitments

Former tennis champion Boris Becker has announced his resignation as head coach of Holger Rune after just three months in the position. The German athlete, who returned to the sport last October after serving time in a UK prison, cited "private commitments" as the reason for his departure.

Successful Coaching Career

Becker, a three-time Wimbledon champion, achieved coaching success when he guided Novak Djokovic to victory between 2014 and 2016. He joined Rune's team during a period of poor performance, with the 20-year-old suffering six defeats in his last seven matches.

Improved Performance

Under Becker's guidance, Rune had a breakthrough, reaching the semi-finals in Basel and the quarter-finals in Paris. These achievements secured his spot at the ATP Finals. Rune began his 2024 season strongly, making it to the final in Brisbane. However, he experienced disappointment in the Australian Open, losing in the second round to Arthur Cazaux.

Becker's Decision to Step Down

Following Rune's recent semi-final run in Montpellier, Becker took to social media to announce his departure. He explained that he realized he couldn't commit enough time to the role due to professional and private responsibilities. Becker wished Rune the best and expressed his continued support for the young player.

, Boris Becker Quits Coaching Role After Three Months Due to Private Commitments

Changes in Rune's Team

Becker's exit wasn't the only change in Rune's coaching team. Severin Luthi, former coach of Roger Federer, also recently resigned after joining Rune's team just before Christmas. Luthi's departure was attributed to the insufficient time he had spent with the team to provide the necessary continuity for Rune's development.

Looking Ahead

Rune's injury during the Montpellier semi-final is not believed to be serious, and he is expected to return to action at UTS Oslo. Meanwhile, Becker, who was released from prison in December 2022, is prohibited from entering the UK until October 2024 due to the terms of his license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What has been the impact of the tennis scoring system on its unique character?

Tennis has a unique scoring system that contributes to its character. Sets and games are used to divide matches. Players must win at least six games by two margins to be able to claim a match. Within games, players score from zero to fifteen and thirty before they win the game. When players reach deuce, (tied at 40), they need to win by 2 consecutive points. This system has a high level of tension, and is often unpredictable.

What are tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments?

The four Grand Slams tournaments are also called the Majors and they are the most prestigious tennis events. The Australian Open is held in January. The French Open takes place in May and in June. Wimbledon takes place in July and in June. And the US Open occurs in August. These tournaments attract attention for their rich history, high-level competition and large prize money. Grand Slams in tennis are considered the highest achievements.

What is the evolution of tennis equipment?

Tennis equipment has undergone significant evolution since the game’s early days. The original rackets used animal intestines for the string. Over the years, technology has introduced new materials like graphite, titanium, and carbon fiber, making rackets lighter and more powerful. The balls themselves have changed as well, from being hand-sewn into manufactured rubber pressurized balls which provide consistent bounce. The evolution of the game has resulted in a more dynamic, athletic play.

What is the impact of different surfaces on tennis matches?

Tennis matches are affected by the pace and style of play on different surfaces. Grass-courts produce a game that is faster and favors big servers, as well as those with an offensive style. Clay courts slow down the ball and produce a higher bounce, benefiting baseline players with strong endurance and topspin shots. Hard courts reward players with an even playing surface, which is neither too fast and not too slow. These surface variations require different approaches to match strategy and can influence match outcomes.

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What are the benefits of grass courts at Wimbledon Wimbledon?

Wimbledon’s grass courts are unique in tennis because it is the last Grand Slam to be played on this surface. The grass courts are a great surface for a fast-paced, low-bouncing tennis game that tests the player’s abilities in countless ways. Wimbledon was founded in 1877. The Championships Wimbledon has a strong reputation for tradition, history, and a strict dressing code. Wimbledon’s venerable grass courts are often regarded as the pinnacle of a tennis players career.


  • The global tennis equipment market reached an estimated value of over 1 billion dollars, reflecting the sport’s widespread popularity.
  • Graphite became a popular material for tennis racquets in the 1980s, with over 90% of professional players now using graphite or graphite composite racquets.
  • Professional tennis players can serve the ball at speeds exceeding 150 mph, with the fastest serve recorded at 163.7 mph by Australian player Sam Groth in 2012.
  • Since the Open Era began in 1968, allowing professional players to compete in the Grand Slams, the United States has produced the most Grand Slam singles titles across men’s and women’s competition.
  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is often credited with pioneering the rules of modern tennis in 1873, and his version of the game was patented under the name “Sphairistikè.”

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