Emma Raducanu taking role in shaping future of British women’s tennis and developing her legacy after US Open win

EMMA RADUCANU will take an active role in developing her legacy and saving the future of British women’s tennis.

Amazon Prime Video sold the TV rights to last month’s US Open final for more than £1million to Channel 4 – and more than nine million people watched Raducanu become the Queen of New York.

Emma Raducanu is going to help play her part in the future of British women’s tennis

That large amount of cash is set to be invested into finding future talents in the sport and Raducanu wants to make sure the funds aren’t wasted.

The 18-year-old from Kent will sit down with TV bosses to discuss where it goes and how tennis can benefit.

Alex Green, MD of Amazon Prime Video, said: “Emma has already expressed keenness to get involved.

“She does know that she is a role model. And she can have a future beneficial impact, particularly for young girls thinking of taking up sports seriously.

“It’s early days, and we want to make the biggest difference we can, particularly to young women’s tennis in this country.

“Could we find the next Emma Raducanu? We’d love to. It’s so important to have these figures that other girls and boys can look up to.



“It was our biggest tennis event ever. Now there is a whole new wave of interest in women’s tennis in Britain, which is fantastic.”

During the 2019 Australian Open, when it appears Andy Murray was going to retire before a career-saving hip op, the Scot claimed the LTA was wasting his legacy.

But Green said that would not happen this time, stressing: “We don’t want to see the money just going into some pot.

“We will be in control and making a very conscious decision about what makes the most difference.

“It’s a moment that we can’t waste actually. I do agree with that.

“People who follow British tennis for a long time, you know how many disappointments we have had.

“This is a rare, rare moment. A rare moment globally, let alone for the UK.

“I think we do need to capitalise on it. It’s great to be able to contribute to that.”

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