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Syrian Tennis Pro Overcomes War Wounds to Chase Grand Slam Dreams

, Syrian Tennis Pro Overcomes War Wounds to Chase Grand Slam Dreams

From War-Torn Syria to Tennis Star

Hazem Naw's journey to becoming a professional tennis player is nothing short of extraordinary. A bomb explosion next to the court while training in Syria left shrapnel in his arm, but this didn't deter his passion for the sport.

Life Amidst Civil War

Living in Aleppo during the Syrian civil war, Naw faced unimaginable challenges. Despite the dangers, he continued to pursue tennis, finding solace in the sport amidst the chaos and destruction surrounding him.

Survival and Success

Naw's move to Germany marked a new chapter in his life. With determination and resilience, he has made a name for himself in the tennis world, winning titles and making history as the first Syrian to achieve significant milestones in the sport.

Chasing Grand Slam Dreams

Despite the hardships he faced, Naw remains focused on his ultimate goal: competing in top-tier tennis tournaments like the Grand Slams. His journey is a testament to his strength, both on and off the court.

, Syrian Tennis Pro Overcomes War Wounds to Chase Grand Slam Dreams

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roots of tennis in history?

Tennis has its origins in the 12th century France. Monks used their hands to hit a ball called jeu de paume, which was played on courtyards of monasteries. As time passed, rackets appeared and the game evolved to what we know today as tennis. By the 16th century, the game became popular among the European nobility. Tennis has undergone numerous changes since its inception, including the development of standardized rules and the introduction of lawn tennis in the 19th century.

Who is credited as standardizing the modern tennis game?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield was largely responsible for standardizing the modern sport of tennis. In 1873, he introduced a version of the game that he called Sphairistike, which was played on an hourglass-shaped grass court. Wingfield’s version featured a simplified game scoring system, and similar equipment as is still used today. The rules for lawn tennis were based on this iteration. By 1877, Wimbledon Championships had been held and the rules and structure of the game was firmly established.

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What role do tennis icons play in popularizing the game?

Tennis icons have played an important role in popularizing tennis around the world. Throughout tennis’ history, charismatic, skilled players have captured the attention of the public. These include Billie Jean King (and her husband Rod Laver), Bjorn Borg (and Martina Navratilova), Pete Sampras (and Serena Williams), and Roger Federer. Their accomplishments on the court, and their personalities off the court have drawn not only fans to tennis but also inspired the younger generations to play the sport. Their legacy extends beyond their titles. They have shaped tennis culture and the marketplace.

What are tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments?

The four Grand Slams or Majors are the highest-profile events in professional Tennis. These include the Australian Open (held in January), the French Open (held in May and June), Wimbledon (held in June and Jul), and the US Open (held in August and Septembre). These tournaments offer a high level of competitiveness, a long history, as well as significant rankings points and prize funds. Winning a Grand Slam is considered one of the greatest achievements in tennis.

What is the impact of different surfaces on tennis matches?

Tennis matches are affected by the pace and style of play on different surfaces. Grass courts tend to produce a faster game favoring big servers and those with an attacking style. Clay courts slow down the ball and produce a higher bounce, benefiting baseline players with strong endurance and topspin shots. Hard courts reward players with an even playing surface, which is neither too fast and not too slow. These surface variations require different approaches to match strategy and can influence match outcomes.


  • Lawn tennis, which evolved into the game we know today, adapted its point system from the jeu de paume, with theories suggesting its increments represent the face of a clock.
  • The four Grand Slam tournaments collectively attract over 3.5 million spectators in person, highlighting tennis’s enduring appeal.
  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is often credited with pioneering the rules of modern tennis in 1873, and his version of the game was patented under the name “Sphairistikè.”
  • Professional tennis players can serve the ball at speeds exceeding 150 mph, with the fastest serve recorded at 163.7 mph by Australian player Sam Groth in 2012.
  • The International Tennis Federation (ITF) governs over 200 nations, indicating the sport’s vast international governance structure and participation rate.

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How To

How to choose the right tennis racket for your game

To select an ideal tennis racket, consider your skill level and playing style. Beginners benefit from oversized rackets because they have a larger sweet-spot, while intermediates can use midplus rackets to balance power with control. Advanced players often choose mid-size and control rackets to achieve precision. Additionally, assess the racket’s weight, balance, and string pattern. A coach or racket expert can give you personalized advice on how to improve your game.

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