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Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Signs Deal with Wilson Amid Career Venture

, Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Signs Deal with Wilson Amid Career Venture

Model Girlfriend's New Career Move

Tennis star Taylor Fritz's girlfriend Morgan Riddle, a popular model with millions of TikTok likes, has announced a new career venture. Riddle has signed a deal with Wilson, a rival tennis brand, despite Fritz's affiliation with Head.

Riddle's Wilson Deal Announcement

Riddle shared the news of her partnership with Wilson on her Instagram account with a photoshoot featuring a branded racket. Wilson welcomed her to the family in response to her post.

Fritz's Current Tennis Endeavors

Fritz, currently ranked 159th in the world, is competing at the Delray Beach Open in Florida and is set to face Tommy Paul in the tournament final on Monday.

Supporting Riddle Through Tough Times

Last week, Fritz spoke out exclusively about Riddle's distressing experience at the Super Bowl 58, where she was grabbed, groped, and harassed. Despite the ordeal, Riddle is doing okay and aimed to raise awareness about such incidents.

, Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Signs Deal with Wilson Amid Career Venture

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments?

The four Grand Slams or Majors are the highest-profile events in professional Tennis. The Australian Open is held in January. The French Open takes place in May and in June. Wimbledon takes place in July and in June. And the US Open occurs in August. The tournaments are renowned for their level of competition, history, and significant prize money and ranking points. Winning a Grand Slam is considered one of the greatest achievements in tennis.

What has changed in tennis equipment over the years?

Tennis equipment has changed dramatically since the early days of tennis. Original rackets are made from solid wood, with string gut that is made from animal intestinal fibers. In the past, new materials such as graphite and titanium have been introduced to make rackets stronger and lighter. Balls have also evolved, moving from hand-sewn rubber to manufactured pressurized balls that provide consistent bounce and flight. The evolution of the game has resulted in a more dynamic, athletic play.

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How has the scoring system in tennis contributed to its unique character?

The scoring system in tennis is distinct and contributes to the sport’s character. Tennis matches are broken down into games and sets. In order to win a game, a player needs to beat six others by at least two. In games, scoring goes from love (0), to fifteen (30), and forty (40), before the winner is determined. When players reach deuce, (tied at 40), they need to win by 2 consecutive points. This system creates a thrilling element of unpredictability and tension, often leading to dramatic shifts in momentum.

Who was credited with standardizing today’s game of tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield can be credited with a large part of the standardization of modern tennis. In 1873, Wingfield created a version of Sphairistike that was played at an hourglass shaped grass court. Wingfield’s version included a simplified score system and equipment similar to that used today. This iteration set the foundations of lawn tennis. By 1877 Wimbledon Championships, which consolidated the game’s structure and rules, were held.

What role have tennis icons played in popularizing the sport?

Tennis icons play a key role in the popularization of the sport around world. Throughout its long history, charismatic and talented players like Billie Jean King, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova, Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer captured the public’s imagination. Their performances on court and personalities outside of it have not just drawn fans to this game, but also inspired younger players to take up tennis. Their legacy goes beyond their titles and has shaped the culture and market of tennis.


  • Lawn tennis, which evolved into the game we know today, adapted its point system from the jeu de paume, with theories suggesting its increments represent the face of a clock.
  • Since the Open Era began in 1968, allowing professional players to compete in the Grand Slams, the United States has produced the most Grand Slam singles titles across men’s and women’s competition.
  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is often credited with pioneering the rules of modern tennis in 1873, and his version of the game was patented under the name “Sphairistikè.”
  • As of 2023, Wimbledon remains the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is considered by many to be the most prestigious.
  • Professional tennis players can serve the ball at speeds exceeding 150 mph, with the fastest serve recorded at 163.7 mph by Australian player Sam Groth in 2012.

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Tennis History – How to Research It

In order to understand the history, it is important to explore different historical periods. From its beginnings as “real Tennis” in France of the 12th Century up until its modern day as lawn-tennis. You can find reference materials in libraries, databases online, and archives for sporting organizations. The codifications of rules by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield as well the inceptions of prestigious competitions such Wimbledon are noteworthy milestones. Tennis history is available in the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s books and online resources.

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