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Tennis Player Banned for Two Years After Testing Positive for Marijuana

, Tennis Player Banned for Two Years After Testing Positive for Marijuana

American Casey Kania Faces Suspension

American tennis player Casey Kania, 21, has been banned for two years after testing positive for marijuana. Kania, who competed for the University of North Carolina, received the ban from the International Tennis Integrity Agency after a positive urine test at an ATP Challenger tournament in August 2023.

Career Impact and Reaction

Despite only reaching a career-high doubles ranking of 1,317th and earning $482 in tennis, Kania now faces ineligibility to play until February 1, 2026. Fellow tennis player Liam Broady expressed dissatisfaction with the decision, criticizing tennis authorities for the severity of the ban.

Consequences and Forfeitures

Kania's results, prize money, and ranking points from the tournament where he tested positive, as well as subsequent events, have been forfeited. In addition to being banned from tennis events, he is also prohibited from attending tournaments sanctioned by the ATP, WTA, ITF, or any Grand Slams.

Recent Bans and Appeals

Earlier this month, former world No.33 Jenson Brooksby had his doping ban reduced from 18 months to 13 months for missing three drugs tests. Meanwhile, two-time Grand Slam winner Simona Halep is appealing a four-year ban for testing positive for a prohibited anti-anaemia drug.

, Tennis Player Banned for Two Years After Testing Positive for Marijuana

Frequently Asked Questions

What role has tennis icons played in the popularization of the sport?

Tennis icons have played a pivotal role in popularizing the sport globally. Throughout the sport’s history, players with charisma and skill like Billie Jean King have captured public imagination. Their performances on court and personalities outside of it have not just drawn fans to this game, but also inspired younger players to take up tennis. The legacy of these players goes beyond the titles they have won. It also includes shaping the culture and marketplace for tennis.

What are the historical roots of tennis?

The origins are traced to the 12th Century France when monks were using their fingers to hit the balls in a jeu de Paume game played in courtyards. Tennis evolved over time as rackets became available. The game was popularized by the European nobility in the 16th century. Tennis has evolved over time, from its origins to the introduction of the lawn tennis game in the late 19th century.

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Who is credited with standardizing the modern game of tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is largely credited with standardizing the modern game of tennis. In 1873, Wingfield created a version of Sphairistike that was played at an hourglass shaped grass court. Wingfield’s version featured a simplified game scoring system, and similar equipment as is still used today. This version laid the groundwork for the modern rules of lawn-tennis. In 1877 the first Wimbledon Championships took place, establishing the structure and rules.

What has been the impact of the tennis scoring system on its unique character?

Tennis’ scoring system is unique and adds to its appeal. Sets and games are used to divide matches. Players must win at least six games by two margins to be able to claim a match. The scoring within games proceeds from love (zero) to fifteen, thirty, and forty, before winning the game. If the players are tied at forty, they have to win by two points. This system has a high level of tension, and is often unpredictable.

What are the main components of tennis etiquette?

Tennis etiquette represents sportsmanship as well as respect. Players are expected to make honest calls on line rulings, avoid distractions during serves, remain silent during rallies, and shake hands cordially after the match. The audience can also follow this etiquette, by staying quiet and applauding both players’ good shots. By adhering these unwritten tennis rules, you maintain the gentlemanly tradition and integrity of the sport.


  • Professional tennis players can serve the ball at speeds exceeding 150 mph, with the fastest serve recorded at 163.7 mph by Australian player Sam Groth in 2012.
  • The four Grand Slam tournaments collectively attract over 3.5 million spectators in person, highlighting tennis’s enduring appeal.
  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is often credited with pioneering the rules of modern tennis in 1873, and his version of the game was patented under the name “Sphairistikè.”
  • As of 2023, Wimbledon remains the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is considered by many to be the most prestigious.
  • The global tennis equipment market reached an estimated value of over 1 billion dollars, reflecting the sport’s widespread popularity.

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Improving your tennis serve involves both physical technique and mental preparation. Through practice, develop a consistent service movement, which includes a fluid and rhythmic sling, backswing, as well as a follow-through. For maximum power and control, strike the ball with the middle of your racket. Set your racket angle and contact point to ensure that you can direct your serve accurately. You can improve your service game by practicing different serve types, such as flat, slice, or kick.

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