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Aaron Chalmers out to set up greatest weekend in Geordie history by beating Floyd Mayweather before Newcastle cup final

, Aaron Chalmers out to set up greatest weekend in Geordie history by beating Floyd Mayweather before Newcastle cup final

AARON CHALMERS is out to set up the greatest weekend in Geordie history by beating Floyd Mayweather before Newcastle’s cup final.

The Geordie Shore star welcomes Mayweather over to a UK ring for the first time ever, on Saturday for an exhibition bout at the O2 Arena.

Aaron Chalmers faces Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition

Newcastle play Manchester United in the League Cup final

And the loyal Toon Army are sure to make a weekend out of it with a League Cup final against Manchester United at Wembley the following day.

Chalmers, 35, told SunSport: “I think the O2 will be full of the Toon Army.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to has said, ‘I’m going down on the Saturday, I’m going to get tickets.’

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“I think the whole of Newcastle are going to make a weekend of it and the good thing with Newcastle fans is they always seem to back their own.

“When there’s boxing shows in Newcastle, it’s always a sellout, so hopefully we should have some Newcastle fans in the arena.”

Chalmers left MTV’s reality TV house in 2017 to pursue a fight career, transitioning to MMA.

And after seven fights and five wins, he last year switched to boxing winning his professional debut in June.

So facing boxing royalty in Mayweather – in just his second bout – seemed as unlikely as Newcastle reaching their first cup final in over two decades.

Chalmers said: “What’s the chances of Floyd coming to the UK – first time ever – fighting a Geordie and Newcastle are in a cup final? 

“That would have been about f*****g 500,000/1 on the bookies if you had put that on last year. It’s mad. It’s crazy. 

“I feel like no matter what happens in the fight with me and Floyd, it will be a weekend to remember for the rest of my life, especially if Newcastle lift the cup.” 

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Newcastle’s last trip to Wembley came in 1999, against Sunday’s opponents.

So they have a chance to avenge their defeat to United in a rematch almost 24 years in the making.

Chalmers could have watched the game – but the thought of the five hour journey home was enough to put him off.

He joked: “I was offered, but I’m going to come home. I’m going to come home and have a little party at home with the kids and stuff.

, Aaron Chalmers out to set up greatest weekend in Geordie history by beating Floyd Mayweather before Newcastle cup final

“The match sounds good, but getting the train home afterwards on the Monday when there’s 50,000 Geordies trying to get home, I just couldn’t think of anything worse.” 

Mayweather, 46 on Friday, officially retired in 2017 after beating ex-UFC champion Conor McGregor, 34.

But he has returned for five exhibitions since against names from the MMA and social media world.

None have so far posed a threat to the famously elusive Mayweather, but Chalmers is ready to risk taking one to give one.

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He said: “We’re in a boxing fight, I’m gonna get punched, I know that’s coming. 

“The fact is if I didn’t want to get punched, I wouldn’t be in a boxing fight, so I know I’m going to get hit. 

“I’m going to have to try and take that risk at some point to try and get my shots off, so it’s going to be a mad experience. 

“I will be wanting to get my shots off, so the answer to that is yeah, I will be taking risks. 

“Just hopefully not too many risks where I’m going to get clipped on the end of the chin.” 

, Aaron Chalmers out to set up greatest weekend in Geordie history by beating Floyd Mayweather before Newcastle cup finalFloyd Mayweather has had five exhibitions since officially retiring

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice boxing without a partner?

You can practice boxing by watching professional matches on TV, even if your partner is not available. You might also be able to find an amateur club nearby. Amateur boxing clubs hold regular training sessions. These sessions often involve sparring partners who hit the pads together.

You can also practice boxing using punching bags. Before hitting the bag you should make sure you are wearing protective gear, such as gloves.

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What are the benefits of learning to box?

The following are reasons why you should learn how to box.

  • It builds confidence. You will be able to confront bullies and other bullies by learning to box.
  • It can improve your health. Boxing helps build muscle mass. Muscle mass will make you stronger.
  • It teaches you self defense skills. You learn how fight and how to protect yourself.
  • It develops your mental toughness. When you face challenges, mental toughness is essential.
  • You feel accomplished. Once you have mastered a technique, you will feel like a true boxer.
  • It’s fun! There’s nothing better than getting punched in the stomach.
  • It’s cheap. All you need to do is get a pair or boxing gloves.
  • It doesn’t take up too much space

How do you train boxers for beginners?

Although boxing is one of oldest sports, its popularity has increased only recently. Two fighters fight each other in boxing. They punch each other until one of them falls.

Finding out if boxing is something you enjoy is the first step to becoming a professional boxer. You can also watch fights online to see how it feels like hitting someone. Once you decide whether you would enjoy being a boxer, you’ll need to choose which style of fighting you’d prefer.

How can I improve my defensive capabilities in fighting?

You can improve your defense in fighting by learning how to fight smart. You should be able defend against all attacks and also know how you can counterattack, if necessary.

You won’t be able to fight if you don’t know what fighting is. You’ll just get beaten up. But, if you are able to fight, you will be prepared for any situation.

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Here are some suggestions to help improve your defense.

  1. Be aware of where your opponent is attacking. This means you need to be attentive to your opponent’s body language. If he appears nervous, it could indicate that he is about to launch his next attack.
  2. Keep your cool. Don’t panic. Instead, try to remain focused and relaxed.
  3. Block with the arms of your armour. You can defend yourself against attacks by blocking with your arms.
  4. Counterattack. Counterattack.
  5. Fight dirty. Fight dirty. If your opponent kicks you in the face, you can counter by kicking him back.

How to throw a jab:

This guide will show you how to throw a jab.

  1. With both feet, move forward
  2. Elevate your arm over your shoulder.
  3. Place your fist on the target.
  4. Swing your arm back upwards after hitting your target.
  5. Steps 1 through 4 can be repeated.

How long does it take to become a professional boxer?

To become a professional boxer, it takes dedication and years of hard work. If you want to become a professional boxer, you’ll need to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to training.

How long does learning boxing take?

It takes about 3 months to learn boxing. This includes learning basic skills like footwork and stance. It’s important that you remember that boxing doesn’t only involve throwing punches. You must also learn to block and dodge attacks.

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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How To

How do you set up a Boxing Gym within your House?

Anyone who wants to open a business is often asked how to set-up a boxing studio. Many people are curious about how much equipment they should purchase, what type of space they need, and how many employees they will require. There are many factors that can affect the cost of starting your business. Some of these factors are location, type and number of employees, budget, competition, etc. Most people don’t realize the importance to have good equipment. You cannot begin if you don’t own the right equipment. Here are some tips for setting up a boxing school in your home.

  1. You will need somewhere to train. A garage, basement, spare room or even the living room would work just fine. It is only necessary that enough space exists to allow for equipment installation.
  2. A punching bag (or more) is essential. This is vital because you won’t have the ability to practice punches without it. This can be anything from a small plastic bag to heavy leather bags. Make sure that it is big enough to fit you comfortably. It should be strong and durable to ensure that you can use it for many years.
  3. You will need a mat. Matting is used to protect floors and walls when practicing kicks. It is usually made out of foam rubber. You can buy them online and offline.
  4. A bench is a must. Bench is used to support your body while doing pushups. These benches can be bought online and in physical stores. Make sure you get the right size.
  5. Speedbags are essential. Speedbags help you develop quick hand movements. They can be purchased online or in stores. Make sure that you buy a quality product which will last long.
  6. Headgear is necessary. For sparring, you will need to use a headgear. You can purchase it online or in stores. Make certain that you choose something that fits well and protects your face.
  7. Gloves are necessary. Gloves are used to protect your hands during sparring sessions. They can be ordered online or at local shops. Choose a pair that suits your needs and style.
  8. You will need a mouthpiece. Mouthpieces can be used to protect your smile during sparring sessions. You can purchase these online or offline stores. Choose the right pair for you.
  9. You will need a ring. Rings are used to simulate real fights. They can be purchased offline or online stores. Make sure that it has padding on both sides so that you aren’t injured during sparring sessions.
  10. You need a towel. To wipe off sweat after any workout, you will need to use towels. They can either be purchased at your local sporting good store or online. You should ensure that they are absorbent and soft.




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