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Boxing beauty Ebanie Bridges gives blunt answer to marriage proposals from fans and reveals she’s asked 10 times a day

EBANIE BRIDGES told fans to stop asking her to marry them after being bombarded with messages.

The boxer has a big following on social media and frequently stuns her followers with saucy snaps.

Ebanie Bridges gets around ten marriage proposals a day

The boxer is keen to put a stop to the requests

Bridges revealed she is dating somone

The Blonde Bomber gets a lot of male attention on social media

She also gets a lot of male attention thanks to her OnlyFans page, and she had to put many of her followers in their place.

During a Q&A she hosted on Instagram this week, Bridges was asked by a fan to marry them.

So the Australian took used the opportunity to clarify her love life and put a stop to unwanted questions about marriage.

She said: “For the ten people that ask me this nearly every day, and for the hundreds of people that are probably going to ask me in reply to my question and answer today, it’s a no, sorry, I’m taken.”

Bridges did not reveal who she is dating, though last year teased she was striking up a relationship with Kell Brook.

The Blonde Bomber recently swapped her gloves for a helmet as she went horse riding as part of an advert for bookmaker BetGoodwin.

And she flashed a smile a wide smile at the camera while decked out in jockey gear as she asked fans: “Am I a cute jockey?”

She can then be seen in a short video sat confidently on top of the horse while stroking its mane.


Bridges is the holder of the IBF bantamweight title after beating Maria Roman in March 2022.

She then held on to that belt by beating Shannon O’Connell in December last year.

The star is also a trainer for OnlyFans influencer Elle Brooke.

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