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Conor Benn charged over failed drugs test and could face two-year boxing ban

, Conor Benn charged over failed drugs test and could face two-year boxing ban

CONOR BENN has been charged over his failed drugs test and could now face a two-year boxing ban.

Benn provided Voluntary Anti-Doping Association with two failed tests before his cancelled Chris Eubank Jr fight last October.

Conor Benn has been charged over his failed drugs test

He protested his innocence and claimed to have the evidence to prove it.

But Benn ripped up his British Boxing Board of Control licence before he could face any suspension from the board.

Although it means he cannot be sanctioned nor can he fight in the UK.

The son of British ring legend Nigel has been planning – along with promoter Eddie Hearn – to resume his career in either the Middle East or America.

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But Boxing News revealed Benn was provisionally suspended by United Kingdom Anti-Doping on March 15, posing problems with potential hosts around the world.

And in the latest twist, UKAD have now formally charged Benn under article 2.2 for “alleged use of a prohibited substance”.

A statement read: “Following a public consultation in late 2020, and having considered the results of that consultation, UKAD’s Board decided in February 2021 that UKAD will not routinely publicly disclose the fact that an Athlete has been charged or provisionally suspended before a charge has been resolved.

‘However, it was also recognised that there might be limited and rare examples where it is appropriate to do so in ‘exceptional circumstances’, as set out in UKAD’s Policy on Public disclosure of provisional suspensions and charges available here. 

“Following reports in the media and comments made by professional boxer Mr Conor Benn on Tuesday 18 April 2023, and in exceptional circumstances, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) confirms that Mr Benn was notified and provisionally suspended by UKAD on 15 March 2023 in accordance with the UK Anti-Doping Rules.

“Whilst provisionally suspended Mr Benn is prohibited from participating in any capacity (or assisting another Athlete in any capacity) in a Competition, Event or activity that is organised, convened, authorised or recognised by the British Boxing Board of Control or any other World Anti-Doping Code-compliant sport. 

“UKAD can also confirm that on 3 April 2023 it charged Mr Benn with an Article 2.2 violation for the alleged Use of a Prohibited Substance (clomifene).

“The charge against Mr Benn is pending and will now follow the Results Management process in accordance with the UK Anti-Doping Rules. 

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“UKAD issues this statement in accordance with its Policy on Public disclosure of provisional suspensions and charges and Articles 7.10.7 and 7.11.5 of the UK Anti-Doping Rules. UKAD will not be providing any further comment at this stage.” 

The news comes a week after it was revealed Amir Khan was served with a two-year doping ban, following his final fight with Kell Brook.

But the investigation was kept quiet for over a year – infuriating Benn, who has always protested his innocence.

SunSport understands Benn and his team have been cooperating with UKAD but refuse to comply with the Board over allegations of bias.

His legal team HAVE also shared the 270-page document they believe exonerates their man with UKAD.

That would usually remain confidential but SunSport can reveal the deeply frustrated fighter is open to making the details public in a desperate and final bid to close the case.

Team Benn feel they have been unfairly treated since the saga started and have been stunned by the number of public statements and interviews the usually low-profile body has given on this case.

The BBBofC have reached out to rival commissions around the world urging them against hosting a Benn bout.

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And a sparring partner claimed to us that the BBBofC threatened them with sanctions if they continued to train with the Ilford man.

Benn’s legal team are confident they could get the provisional suspension lifted.

But they feel it would be a wasted exercise as they currently have no intention of working with the BBBofC again on a domestic fight.

Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn’s fight was axed

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn boxing with only a partner?

If you’re looking for a partner to practice boxing, you can watch boxing matches on television. Or you can find an amateur boxing club near you. Amateur boxesing clubs usually hold regular training sessions. These sessions often involve sparring partners who hit the pads together.

You can also train boxing with punching bags. Before hitting the bag you should make sure you are wearing protective gear, such as gloves.

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What can I do to improve my punching?

The most important part of boxing is the punching technique. For you to become a better boxer, your punch technique must be perfected. These tips will help improve your punching skills.

  • Keep your head up. You should keep your head high when throwing punches.
  • Punch from your shoulder. Try to punch from the shoulder, not the chin when you throw a punch.
  • Focus on your feet. When you punch, don’t move your feet.
  • Send short, sharp punches. Longer punches can tire you faster.
  • Don’t forget about defense! Always block any incoming punches.
  • Use your elbows. Elbows are an effective way to defend yourself.
  • You can learn to use your legs. Learn to properly use your legs.
  • Do it every day. Even though you may feel tired after training, keep going. To be a good coach, you need to practice.
  • Have fun Enjoy what your doing.
  • Breathe. Proper breathing will improve your strength and energy.
  • Relax. Do not worry about making mistakes. Focus on learning new things.
  • Be patient. Boxing is not easy. It takes time to master your skills.
  • Never stop improving. As long as there’s room to improve, there’ll be more.
  • Enjoy music. You can relax and focus during training by listening to music.
  • View videos of professional fighters. You may be inspired to work harder by watching them compete.
  • Read books. Reading helps you to understand boxing techniques.
  • Take breaks. Sometimes, it is helpful to take a break from boxing. Play soccer or basketball outdoors.
  • Look for a coach. A coach who is an expert in boxing can help you get better faster.
  • Push-ups: Push-ups are great for building strength and endurance.

What are some of the benefits of boxing

Boxing has many health benefits. Boxing builds strong bones and muscles. It enhances your coordination as well as reflexes. It can also help strengthen your heart muscle and lungs. The best part is that boxing doesn’t require any special equipment. You can use whatever you have around the house.

What is the average time it takes to learn to box.

Boxing is one the oldest forms of martial arts. China was home to the first ever boxing match, which took place around 2200 BC. Boxing has existed for thousands upon thousands of generations. Today, boxing is still popular among athletes and celebrities. It takes approximately 10 months to master boxing.

It takes so long for boxing to be learned because there are many types of movements involved. Each movement requires a specific set of muscles to work properly. This is why it takes time for these muscles to grow.

But once you’ve learned how to move your body, you can start practicing any type of boxing technique. You’ll get better at each technique over time.

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What is the average time it takes to become a professional fighter?

Professional boxing requires years of dedication and hard work. Training is essential if you are to become a professional boxer.

What can I do to practice my boxing defense?

Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts known to man. Boxing is also one of most difficult sports to learn. You can’t just punch someone and knock him out. You must know how to defend yourself from punches and kicks.

First, find a gym that offers boxing. Once you have located a good gym, you can get gloves and headgear. Gloves protect your hands while the headgear protects your head. Also, you will need to wear shorts with a T-shirt.

Once you have all your equipment, you need to heat up. Start off slowly and gradually work your way up to full speed. When you feel ready, hit the bag and spar with another boxer. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Just try again until you nail it.

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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How To

How to learn how to box for fitness

How to learn how to box for Exercise

Your goal in learning boxing is self-confidence and improvement of your physical fitness. Boxing is a popular sport. It requires strength and speed as well agility, coordination, balance, power, and accuracy.

Boxing is an excellent way to lose weight and feel great about yourself. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want more.

There are many types of boxing training programs. Some require you to train at home while others are done in gyms or health clubs. Online courses allow you to learn from anywhere in the globe.

It is important to find a program that suits your needs and your lifestyle. The best programs focus on exercises that increase muscle mass, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. They also promote overall well being.

It’s important to decide whether you prefer a beginner-level course or one that is more advanced. Beginner’s classes usually teach basic techniques, such as sparring, mittwork, shadowboxing, and punching. Advanced programs often cover more complex movements, and include a greater variety of exercises.

The beginner’s program usually lasts around 8 weeks and costs less than $100. These programs don’t give any nutritional, weight loss, or injury prevention advice.

Advanced programs usually last for six months and are around $300. They may include nutritional advice, stretching, warm-up exercises and instruction on proper technique. In addition, some programs incorporate resistance training (such as lifting weights) and aerobic conditioning (such as running).

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