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KSI’s brother Deji loses celebrity boxing bout against American YouTuber Alex Wassabi after fan invades ring

YOUTUBE star Deji suffered defeat in the boxing ring – but only after a fan invaded it.

The Londoner – real name Oladeji Daniel Olatunji – had twice fought before, losing the both.

Deji suffered defeat in the boxing ring – but only after a fan invaded it
The bout descended into chaos when a fame-hungry supporter ran into the ring

He was in 2018 beaten by Jake Paul and then last June by TikToker Vinnie Hacker.

And after five rounds, it was a similar story for Deji, despite clearly improving his boxing skills and fitness.

But the bout descended into chaos during round two when a fame-hungry supporter ran into the ring.

It is unclear why he did so other than to try and go viral – but was all over the internet for all the wrong reasons.

He was embarrassingly dumped out of the ring head first and his actions caused the fight to be momentarily delayed.

When it did resume, Deji showed off tricky head movement, slipping punches but failing to counter.

Wassabi lacked any real technique but was more relentless than his British opponent.

It was enough to see him win a split-decision on the scorecards, much to the disappointment of Deji’s fans inside the Wembley Arena.

Wassabi, 31, said: “I didn’t realise how tough it was going to be. This people love their people.”

Then then told Deji: “Look man, I love you bro. I let all of those things in the past go already.”

Deji, whose brother KSI cheered on from ringside, vowed to never fight again if he suffered defeat.

And the now-0-3 former gamer admitted: “I guess I think too much when I box. I don’t punch enough.

“Alex did well I cant dispute that. Thank you everyone who came out.”

Deji, 25, asked fans if they wanted to see him fight again – which was met by a cheer – before he and Wassabi shook hands on a rematch.

So maybe it could be fourth time lucky for Deji.

Alex Wassabi after his won over Deji