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OnlyFans beauty and boxer Elle Brooke names shock ‘dream one night stand’ and reckons it would be ‘funny as f***’

ONLYFANS star and boxer Elle Brooke has named her surprising “dream one night stand”.

The 24-year-old took part in an Instagram Q&A on Thursday.

Elle Brooke took part in an Instagram Q&A on Thursday

The OnlyFans star was quizzed by her followers

Brooke named Hollywood star Seth Rogen as her “dream one night stand”

One of her 529,000 followers asked who she wanted to bed for the evening.

And Brooke, who has her own OnlyFans site, named a shock Hollywood actor in response.

Superbad star Seth Rogen, 40, is Brooke’s “dream one night stand” as she believes a night with him would be “funny as f**k!”

She said: “Hmm, good question. The number one person that comes to my head is Seth Rogen.

“I don’t know why, I just think it would be funny as f**k!

“And just a vibe.”

Brooke is good friends with IBF female bantamweight world champion Ebanie Bridges, with the pair reportedly training at the same gym.

Speaking of how Bridges inspires her during her Q&A, Brooke described the world champion as “sexy but also an absolute animal in the ring”.

Brooke herself won on her boxing debut earlier this year, beating Love Island star AJ Bunker by unanimous decision.

She is set to return to the ring against American influencer Faith Ordway in January.

They face off on the undercard of KSI vs Dillon Danis.

The OnlyFans model recently left her followers worried after posting a picture of herself in a hospital gown earlier this week.

She gave no details of her condition as she wrote “MRI time” on her story.

Brooke is a big Manchester City fan

Brooke regularly posts racy snaps to social media

Brooke is good friends with Ebanie Bridges

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