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OnlyFans star and boxer Astrid Wett reveals she has not seen her mum since blazing row over her having sex

ONLYFANS star and boxer Astrid Wett has opened up about her personal life ahead of her next fight this weekend.

The 22-year-old Chelsea megafan is in action at the Misfits event in Telford this Saturday.

Astrid Wett has opened up about her personal life

The 22-year-old is fighting this weekend

Astrid is a Chelsea megafan

Astrid will be taking on Love Island star AJ Bunker within KSI’s promotion.

And ahead of the bout, she appeared on LowIQ podcast to reveal more about herself.

While opening up about her upbringing, she claimed to have grown up in a “tense household”.

Astrid said: “My older sister left and my mum went crazy, I don’t really know what happened.

“I was in college and my mum had found out I was having sex with my boyfriend.

“So at this point I was 16 going on 17. She found out and she went mental.

“She said ‘you’re never seeing him again, you’re never leaving this house again. I can’t believe you’re having sex with men’. At this point she’d already, basically, ruined my life.

“She rang my college and said ‘she’s not coming back to college.’ She’d rung the salon I was working in and said ‘she’s not working for you anymore’.”

Astrid is fighting as part of KSI’s promotion

She has plenty of followers on social media

As things deteriorated at home, Astrid decided that she had to leave for the sake of her own mental health.

Astrid went on: “She literally locked me in my room. I remember the only thing I had in my bedroom was a little watch to tell the time because she took every electronic item.

“She just went absolutely mental. Every hour she would come up and just scream in my face. It just got to a point where I was like, f*** it, I’m leaving.

“I literally picked up my little watch, my passport. Didn’t have a phone, didn’t have a bank account, ran out the house into the pouring rain. Just ran away. That was the last time I saw her.”

Astrid also revealed that she has footballers messaging her online.

She said: “There’s a few blue ticks in my DMs, yeah.”

Astrid then added: “Some of them are footballers.”

Astrid is gutted at Chelsea’s current plight

She fought Keeley Colbran last time out

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