Roy Jones Jr, 51, showing ‘incredible hand speed’ and working on ‘blueprint’ to beat Mike Tyson in training

ROY JONES JR is still showing ‘incredible hand speed’ aged 51 as he continues to work on the ‘blueprint’ to beat Mike Tyson.

The American faces fellow legend Tyson on November 28 in an eight-round exhibition.

Roy Jones Jr is still showing ‘incredible hand speed’ aged 51
Tyson is training to fight Mike Tyson in November

Jones has linked up with trainer Tom Yankello, who last cornered the four-weight champion in 2014.

They have been splitting their time between Pittsburg and Florida, where Yankello has overseen the sparring and pad work.

And he has been left hailing the speed of Jones – who only hung up the gloves in 2018.

Yankello told SunSport: “His hand speed is still incredible.

“I don’t think his hand speed has decreased at all, he’s as fast as he was when I worked with him nine, almost ten years ago.

“His mobility is not maybe quite the same but he still has great agility, he’s kept himself in great shape.

“He still trains fighters so he’s been very active in the gym. He’s a lot more active than Mike Tyson.”

Jones won his last four fights, albeit against unfamiliar opponents in America.

But Tyson has not been in the ring for 15 years, having retired in 2005 after quitting against Irish journeyman Kevin McBride.

The 54-year-old has since dramatically transformed his body after beginning training earlier this year, with the plan to raise money for charity through his comeback.

But Yankello has warned performing in the gym is a stark contrast to doing the same over the course of a fight.

He explained: “Mike Tyson’s last fight was in 2005 whereas Roy’s was in 2018, so he’s not been out the ring anywhere near as long as Mike has.

“Mike looks in great shape as well but it’s a different type of shape, your body can look in great shape but boxing shape is completely different shape.

“Boxing is a different animal, when you’ve been out the game that long it’s very, very difficult to get back in boxing shape.

“I know Mike’s been working on it a long time and he’s going to be in the best shape he can possibly be in but Roy has been more active whereas Mike has had a lot more transformations in his body.”

Tyson has gone through a dramatic body transformation

American legend Jones only retired in 2018

Tyson’s comeback was initially set for September but was then moved back two months to allow for more time to promote the pay-per-view spectacle.

But in Jones’ case, it has afforded him more time to work on tactics with trainer Yankello – who was brought into the training camp because of his understanding of Tyson’s style.

He said: “I think he really appreciates my knowledge on Mike Tyson

“I have my own YouTube channel, where I have done about a dozen little instructional things on Mike Tyson’s peekaboo style and then this fight got announced.

“I reached out to Roy and said I really know him and I think I have a real good grasp on Mike Tyson’s style and how to beat him.

“I know things that Roy does well which are things that can really give Mike Tyson a lot of trouble.”

After Jones won the WBA heavyweight title in 2003, he called to fight Tyson.

Trainer Tom Yankello with Jones
Yankello has been overseeing Jones’ sparring and pad work
Jones and Yankello last worked together in 2014

But Iron Mike was on his way out and had fallen out of love with the sport.

With Jones given a second chance to finally settle an old score, it has given him motivation to roll back to the clock to his days of superstardom.

Yankello said: “This fight has definitely sparked the interest of intensity for him this is something that is for bragging rights and legacy.

“There’s a lot of pride and ego for both guys.

“I think the intensity of the event and magnitude is definitely something that has brought the dedication and desire and passion for honing his craft and being in great shape.

“A lot of the things he did in the lighter weight classes, at middleweight and super-middleweight, those will be the things that he will bring to the table for this fight.

“Knowing the blueprint that has given Mike Tyson trouble in the past are things Roy does very well.”

Jones called to fight Tyson in 2003 after he won the heavyweight belt

Tyson and Jones were unable to fight in 2003

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