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Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Heavyweight who has sparred BOTH champions reveals fight prediction ahead of title bout

, Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Heavyweight who has sparred BOTH champions reveals fight prediction ahead of title bout

TYSON FURY and Oleksandr Usyk are set to fight in an unprecedented title unification – and one man is perfectly placed to predict the fight.

The pair of unbeaten champions are in talks for the heavyweight division’s first four-belt undisputed bout.

Tyson Fury is in talks to fight Oleksandr Usyk

It would be the heavyweight division’s first four-belt undisputed bout

British heavyweight Dave Allen knows all about the two, having sparred both of them in the past.

And while hailing both Fury, 34, and Usyk, 35, he said there is only one winner in his mind.

Allen, 30, told Boxing UK: “I think Fury wins to be honest. I think he’s too big.

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“I sparred Usyk and, as brilliant as he was, he’s not a big unit. He’s not physically the strongest man in the world. I think Tyson would get to him.

“They’re both outstanding. Two best talents of this generation I think, as heavyweights.

“As special as Usyk is, Tyson, being around him as I have over the years, he’s just a special fella really.

“He has vibes of other special athletes that can just do everything.

“Usyk is probably in the same bracket, but can’t get away from the size difference, cause it is massive.”

Allen sparred Usyk as recently as 2020 as was almost knocked out by the Ukrainian.

The incident helped inspire his boxing retirement a year later, although he has since returned for two comeback fights.

And Allen revealed, despite his friendship with Fury, he could return to Usyk’s camp for sparring ahead of the historic unification.

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He said: “They did tell me if they fought Fury I would be brought over because stylistically I’m perfect for Fury.

“So that tells you how I box in the gym compared to how I fight in the ring.

So, if the fight happens that will be a couple of interesting phone calls – one from them to me and me to Tyson saying, ‘I’m going to go to Ukraine, mate, if you don’t mind.’”

, Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Heavyweight who has sparred BOTH champions reveals fight prediction ahead of title boutDave Allen pictured with Tyson Fury

, Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Heavyweight who has sparred BOTH champions reveals fight prediction ahead of title boutDave Allen, middle, next to Oleksandr Usyk

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to become an elite boxer?

Professional boxing requires years of dedication and hard work. If you want to become a professional boxer, you’ll need to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to training.

What are the potential benefits of learning to Box?

Here are some reasons to learn boxing:

  • It increases confidence. Boxing will teach you how to deal with bullies and other bullies.
  • It can improve your health. Boxing is good for building muscle mass. Muscle mass makes you more powerful.
  • It teaches self defense skills. If you know how to fight, then you will be able to protect your self.
  • It builds mental toughness. It is crucial to have mental toughness when faced with challenges.
  • This gives you an incredible sense of achievement. When you master a particular technique, it will make you feel like a true fighter.
  • It’s fun! There’s nothing better than getting punched in the stomach.
  • It’s cheap. All you need to do is get a pair or boxing gloves.
  • It doesn’t need much space

What are the advantages of boxing?

There are many health benefits associated with boxing. For starters, boxing helps build strong muscles and bones. It improves your coordination and reflexes. It also strengthens your heart and lungs. Boxing doesn’t need any special equipment. Anything you have in your house can be used.

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How do you train boxers for beginners?

Boxing is one, if not the oldest, sport in existence. But boxing only recently became more popular. Two fighters fight each other in boxing. They punch each other until one of them falls.

Finding out if boxing is something you enjoy is the first step to becoming a professional boxer. You can also watch fights online to see how it feels like hitting someone. After you have decided if you are interested in boxing, you can choose the style of fighting that you like.

Where can I find boxing equipment?

You can purchase boxing equipment online from many places. You can find equipment online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target. If you’re looking for cheap boxing gear, then you might want to check out discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx.

If you’re looking for quality boxing gear, then you may want to consider buying from reputable brands like Warrior, Golden Glove, and Premier Boxing Champions.

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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How To

These are the basics of boxing

How to box efficiently

Boxing is the most loved sport in the world. Two opponents fight each other to the death. There are different rules for boxing, and they vary from one country to the next. In general, there are three types of boxing; Amateur, Professional and Olympic boxing.

Amateur boxing is usually practiced at school, college or university. This type of boxing allows sparring without protection. Amateur boxing competitions typically last for three rounds, each lasting five minutes. There are many styles of amateur boxing such as Kickboxing or Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Karate, Judo and Wrestling, among others.

Professional boxing is usually practiced in gyms, clubs or stadiums. They are equipped with protective equipment including a mouthpiece and nose guard, shinguards as well as elbow pads, knee pads. Waist belts and groin protectors. Professional boxing competitions include six rounds of four minutes each. There are many different types of professional Boxing such as Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Taekwondo.

Olympic boxing is performed at the Olympics. Boxers wear special protective gear, which must conform to international standards. The competition lasts eight rounds of three minutes each. There are only two styles of Olympic boxing; Light Flyweight and Heavyweight.

Boxing is based on the following skills:

  • Punching techniques
  • Guarding techniques
  • Footwork
  • Stance
  • Moving your body
  • Defense
  • Combination
  • Rotation
  • Sparring

Punching Techniques

There are seven types: Left Hook (right hook), Right Hook (uppercut), Cross (cross), Straight, Overhand, Underhand. Each punch comes with its own technique. Some punches require more strength than others. An uppercut, for instance, requires tremendous strength. A straight punch on the other side requires less power, but is more effective than other punches.

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There are also many combinations. These are combinations that combine punches to accomplish a particular goal. A combination can contain multiple parts. A combination may include multiple parts. For example, damage to the jaw of an opponent can be caused by a left hook and a right cross.

Guard Techniques

A boxer protects himself by using his body. He does this by using his legs.


Boxers should use the legs to protect themselves against kicks. If he gets kicked, he raises one leg and turns away from his attacker. To avoid being kicked on the sides, he bends at his knees when the attacker strikes from the front. He will block the kick with his foot if the attack is coming from behind.


Because they cause great pain, elbow strikes are extremely effective. You can either deliver an elbow strike directly, or indirectly. Directly, you strike your opponent with your forearm. Indirectly, you hit him with another portion of your arm.


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Boxers use both their hands and arms to prevent incoming blows. To do so, they raise their fists above their head and move them towards the direction of the attack. Then they make contact with the attacker’s fist.


To absorb the impact of a punch to the stomach, abdomen, or chest, boxers should bend their knees. Knee strikes are often used for defense purposes.


A boxer should take control of an attack and respond with counter-attacks. This way, he can gain distance between himself and his opponent. Additionally, boxers need to maintain their balance when they counter-attack.


A boxer must have a stance in order to be effective at boxing. The way he defends him will be dictated by his stance. It is how he positions himself and where he faces the opponent. Boxers have many options for stances. These are some of our most favorite:

  • Low stance
  • High stance
  • Southpaw stance
  • Western stance

Body Movement

In order to win a fight, a boxer must move around his opponent. This requires changing your position, speed, and rhythm.

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When a boxer throws a punch, he rotates in order to increase the reach of his arm. Depending on the type and size of punch, the speed at which the rotation takes place varies.


The timing of each individual punch affects the effectiveness or failure of a combination. A combination that is effective starts with a strong punch, and ends with one that is weak.

Spare parts

Sparring is a practice session designed to improve boxing skills . During sparring sessions, a boxer trains his mind as well as his body. Sparring is a way to learn how to fight without getting hurt.

You need to have patience and dedication in order to learn how boxing works. Boxing is a sport that requires dedication and perseverance.

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