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Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dress

, Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dress

GOLF influencer Paige Spiranac hailed Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow as “Mr Steal Your Girl”.

In the satirical video, Spiranac details eight different funny telltale ways to know if Burrow has “stolen your girl”.

Paige Spiranac has revealed the warning signed that ‘your girl’ has been stolen by Joe Burrow

, Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dress
She posted the video on Twitter in a low cut black dress

, Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dress
Spiranac is clearly a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Burrow

The 29-year-old posted the video onto her Twitter account with 768.6k followers.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “Here are the warning signs that Joe Burrow has stolen your girl.”

The first warning sign to look out for was if her “favourite number is nine”.

The second is if she starts “wearing a lot of black and orange, and it is not Halloween”.

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Spiranac then reveals that if your girl asks you to get “blonde highlights” or starts “buying you lots of turtlenecks and sunglasses”.

Another sign to look out for is if she is asking when the Bengals’ next game is, even though “she didn’t like football before”.

Spiranac also suggests that if your goal wants to visit Ohio and that she will already know his star sign, Sagittarius.

The final sign is that her Google search history is full of recent searches like “Joe Burrow gameday outfit”, “Joe Burrow slow videos motion”, and “Joe Burrow shirtless”.


However, there should be no fear as the NFL star, 26, is dating college sweetheart Olivia Holzmacher.

Spiranac is believed to have made the video as a way of promoting PointsBet Sportsbook, which is the account that originally posted the clip.

, Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dress
She shared the video on social media

, Paige Spiranac reveals warning signs that NFL star Joe Burrow has stolen your girl as she poses in revealing black dressSpiranac is a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback

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