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ITV Presenters Revealed for Cheltenham Festival 2024

, ITV Presenters Revealed for Cheltenham Festival 2024

Get to Know the Faces Leading the Coverage

As the highly anticipated Cheltenham Festival 2024 approaches, viewers can expect a lineup of familiar presenters to guide them through the thrilling action.

Expert Team and Racing Legends

Former Sky Sports Football's Ed Chamberlain will lead the presenting team, accompanied by legendary jockeys Ruby Walsh and Sir AP McCoy. The lineup also includes Mick Fitzgerald, Luke Harvey, Megan Nicholls, and Alice Plunkett, offering expert insights throughout the week.

Exciting Coverage and Commentary

ITV will broadcast five races a day, totaling twenty hours of coverage throughout the week. The highlight will be the 100th Gold Cup on Friday, March 15. Viewers can also expect in-depth commentary from Kevin Blake, Brough Scott, and Richard Hoiles.

The Opening Show

Each day at 8.30am on ITV, The Opening Show will kick off the day's events with host Oli Bell, joined by a panel including Sally Ann Grassick, Kevin Blake, Sir AP McCoy, Ruby Walsh, Megan Nicholls, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, and Luke Harvey Chapman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential for a horse to wear a particular type of shoe when racing?

Racehorses usually wear racing plates which are thinner and lighter than regular horseshoes. These plates offer the necessary grip on the track while minimizing their weight. A racehorse farrier will select and fit the shoes according to each horse’s foot conformation, and the surface on which they will be racing.

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What is a trainer’s role in training a racing horse?

Jockeys play a critical role in the training of racehorses. The jockeys ride the horses, giving feedback on their performance. They also help to educate the horse in racing tactics, like pacing the horse, positioning it, and responding when given commands. A good jockey will become familiar with the horse’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. This is vital for race preparation.

What’s the best kind of diet for racing horses to follow?

A racehorse’s diet must be high in quality and precisely balanced to meet the energetic demands of training and racing. The feed is a mix of commercially produced racehorse-specific feed, high-grade hay and grains such as barley or oatmeal. In addition, essential vitamins should be added to the diet in order to maintain peak performance and overall health.

Can you train a racehorse on any track?

While initial training can occur on a variety of tracks, specific race training often requires facilities that simulate the conditions the horse will face in competition. This means that you need to have tracks that are of the correct size, with the same kind of surface your horse will be racing. Using the correct track helps condition the horse appropriately and gives them experience with that particular racing environment.

There are different race training methods available for different horse types.

Race training methods can indeed vary for different horse breeds, as breed characteristics and racing distances differ. For instance, Thoroughbreds, which are commonly associated with long-distance flat racing, undergo different training compared to Quarter Horses, which specialize in sprinting short distances. Each breed requires a tailored approach to meet their physical and behavioral traits.

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What is a horse’s first step of training?

In the initial training phase, the racehorse must undergo a crucial stage called “breaking,” during which the horse is accustomed to the saddle, the bridle and the weight carried by the rider. During these early sessions, patience and gentle handling are paramount to ensure the horse learns to be comfortable with human interaction and the equipment it will wear throughout its racing career.


  • Gastrointestinal issues affect up to 90% of racehorses during their training, emphasizing the need for careful dietary management.
  • Research has found that a racehorse’s stride length can increase by up to 7% following specific strength and conditioning programs.
  • Around 80% of thoroughbred racehorses begin their racing careers by the age of two, according to industry estimates.
  • The majority of racehorses in training are subject to an exercise regimen that includes being ridden six days a week.
  • Studies suggest that proper early training can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in racehorses by up to 50%.
  • The Injury Database from The Jockey Club reports that synthetic racing surfaces have a lower horse fatality rate than dirt tracks, with a statistically significant difference of 1.2 fatalities per thousand starts on synthetics compared to 2.0 on dirt tracks.

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How To

How to select race-specific tack for your horse

To improve performance and not burden the horse, use lightweight, durable tack. The racing saddle is designed to minimize weight and interfere, so that the horse can move at maximum speed. Choose racing bridles which are strong and slim, allowing you to maintain control without adding unnecessary bulk. Choose racing plates instead of traditional horseshoes to enhance traction and speed on the track. To prevent injuries and to maintain comfort, ensure that your tack is fitted properly.



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